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Get Your Legs Summer Ready!

April 15, 2015

It’s that time of year when on the weekend I changed my wardrobe over to the summer clothes that have been living in vacuum pack storage for the last six months.  My wardrobe now looks a lovely shade of bright prints and florals, which gets me excited for summer and holidays. With that in mind and the weather being LOVELY here in London, there is one slight fear – its time to get the legs out! So yes ladies we actually need to shave our legs now, add a bit of colour and paint our toenails. I have been hiding mine away in jeans and tights all winter, the first steps were baring the feet in some new shoes (which ended in blisters) but now I feel like the weather being so glorious today, I’m going to brave it in a dress!

Here is how I’ve been getting my legs ready for the sunshine.

Defuzz those legs for summer

First up, the defuzz. I have been using Philips Lumea for quite a while now and I am really impressed with the results although you do have to keep using it to stay fuzz free and I must admit I got a little lazy. It wasn’t the permanent hair removal I originally thought it was, I have some bald patches but I still do have to shave, not as regularly I may add but yes I still do have to unfortunately. I like to use the Wilkinson Sword Quattro with Bikini Razor, this is a great razor and also comes with a handy trimmer for the bikini area too. To shave with, instead of a foam gel I like to use this Ginger & Co creamy body wash, it is really moisturising and so as well as a body wash, it is great to shave with. It smells gorgeous too, with juniper berry, beauplex and ginger root.

Calcot Manor Gentle Salt Scrub

Next up I scrub to get rid of all the dead skin cells and prepare my legs for tanning. I love this Calcot Manor sea salt scrub from Beauty at Tesco, it’s gentle enough to not leave my skin all red but harsh enough to get rid of all of the dead skin – lovely image I know! It pairs well with the Calcot Manor Lazy Evening Dry Body Oil Spray, this has a light fragrance and also is light on the skin, so it doesn’t leave you all greasy or reminiscent of Peter Andre. It dries quick and leaves the skin nice and moisturised which is great for me as my legs have been very dry throughout winter and I shamefully don’t moisturise enough. So I like the quick and easiness of something like this. I use this after scrubbing and a day or so before tanning and then after tanning to keep them moisturised.

Get legs ready for summer

I then add a bit of colour to my little pale legs. For this I either use a self-tan like St Moriz or Garnier’s summer body moisturiser with a hint of colour. Both are great to add that golden glow to give me a bit of a confidence boost when the sun comes out. The St Moriz lasts about a week and the Garnier I like to build up the colour about 2-3 times a week for a lovely golden colour. The best thing is, both are under a fiver!

Are you ready to bare those legs yet?

St Moriz Tan & Garnier Summer Body

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