On a sunny afternoon in London, under the trees on Long Acre road in Covent Garden, waved two American flags as groups of hungry Londoners waited patiently outside to get into Five Guys Burgers. Two of those hungry people were yours truly and my boyfriend.

Five Guys is an American burger bar which has just opened last week in London. The craze for new burger places in London is slightly reaching out of control levels, so it was only fair we headed along to test them out!

Five Guys Burger London

Five Guys USA Flag

As we waited in the queue, we were told it would be half an hour, but it was genuinely about 10-15 minutes. I peeked through the window to see the staff working away, this was a burger operation and the good thing was it was going quickly, just the way I like it.

The menu includes your normal burgers, cheeseburgers and hotdogs but the best thing is your toppings are FREE. So if your feeling peckish you might want to go ALL THE WAY….oooh errrr!

Five Guys Burgers London Menu

Finally we were inside! You can tell Five Guys is brand new with its clean and spacious interior. Everything is red and white and you can see the servers working away right in front of you, there is an open kitchen and not a freezer or microwave in sight.

Five Guys Burgers UK

Five Guys UK London

Five Guys London

Five Guys London UK

Five Guys London

After ordering you are give an order number and wait to the left hand side of the tills, whilst we were waiting we went to fill up our drink cups at the Coca Cola freestyle machine. I love these machines, they have one in Burger King at Leicester Square and I haven’t had a reason to blog about them until now. You can choose which drink you want, then also choose one of the awesome flavours. I went for Raspberry Coke which was amazing, sort of tasted like the blue Slush Puppies. You can mix and match and also there is free refills, yes please!

Five Guys Covent Garden

Five Guys London

Coca Cola Fountain

Our order was ready and came in its own little brown bag. I had a cheeseburger with ketchup and Danny went for the plain hamburger with ALL the toppings! We got one regular chips between us and there was more than enough. You can choose between Regular or Cajan.

Five Guys UK

Five Guys London

Five Guys

Five Guys UK

If you don’t fancy queueing I recommend ordering online to beat the queues, just choose what you want, skip the queue and you can enjoy it downstairs.

Have you been to Five Guys yet? What did you think?