First Day Of Spring #HappyDay

March 20, 2014

Today is officially the first day of Spring hurrah! So I’ve decided to do my most favourite thing, please note the sarcasm in this sentence, of having a good old tidy out. Mainly because my landlord is popping round but also it’s so good to just have a clear out and get everything organised. My wardrobe is currently exploding onto the doors and floor so I really need to sort that out, not to mention my beauty products have invaded the bathroom in some sort of beauty blogger alien invasion, so today is the day.

Not only is it the first day of Spring but it’s also the International Day Of Happiness which has been organised by the United Nations Foundation and Pharrell. Seeing as it’s #HappyDay I wanted to share with you five little things that make me happy and also will be helping me along the way in my clear out session today!

SO here goes…

1. Google Doodle

In the mornings the first thing I do is check my emails. I have Google set to my homepage and I just love seeing what the Google Doodle is. It always cheers me up and also takes up a good few ten minutes if you end up playing with it, oops! Today’s doodle reflects the first day of spring so do have a look.

Google Doodle First Day Of Spring

2. Happy Music

It’s a bit obvious but I’ve currently been listening to Pharrell’s GIRL album and it’s definitely one of my favourites. All of the songs are so uplifting and just keep you motivated. Even though I’ve heard Happy so many times I just can’t help but dance to it! My favourites are It Girl and Hunter.

Pharrell Girl Album

3. Storage Space

Living in a flat in London, one thing I really lack is storage space, I definitely need a bigger wardrobe. I now own 95% of the wardrobe and Danny has 5%, I might need to invest in a good rail or some storage boxes, anything! Yesterday however I remembered I had kept some boxes that came with drink in them, they are so nice and I’m going to keep all my nail polishes and maybe jewellery in those, which I need to sort out today.

Storage Boxes

4. Spring Smells

I love to have a nice smelling flat and I normally have some beautiful flowers to help spruce it up, but I have just been trying out the new Air Wick fragrances, they are inspired by UK National Parks to really capture the smell of the outdoors, indoors! There are four different fragrances; Yorkshire Dales (White Roses and Pink Sweet Pea), Exmoor (Sea Spray and Ocean Minerals), Peak District (Spring Breeze and Golden Lily) and Brecon Beacons (Wild Blossom & Fresh Mountain Dew). From only £3.99 they definitely help it to feel like Spring even if the weather isn’t quite there yet.

Air Wick National Parks

5. Bubbles

I enjoy nothing better after cleaning up than have a lovely bubble bath to get rid of all the dusty feeling. I hate dust so much and I am really allergic to it as well, so it’s nice to sit back and relax in a bath of bubbles, in of course the newly cleaned bathroom. Oh and if there was a number 6, it would be GIF’s!

Bubble Bath GIF

What things are making you happy on #HappyDay?

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