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Everyday Hair Routine

April 21, 2015

My everyday hair routine is really simple, I have so much hair being thick and long that I tend to do the easiest thing possible. Blow-dry it, straighten it and out the door! I know I should do more but I am definitely one of those people who is always rushing to get ready – even when I know I have time, I leave it to the last-minute! I love doing nice curly looks with my hair, but find I end up doing this when I am going out or have more time. So I thought I would share with you my everyday hair products that I use for my everyday hair look.

I start off with washing my hair with a sulphate-free shampoo & conditioner. I have recently been using the Leo Bancroft shampoo and conditioner, which are £4 each from Tesco. They are absolutely fab and ever since I have been using sulphate-free I have noticed my hair seems to last a bit longer and I don’t need to wash it every day. These leave my hair so soft and looking squeaky clean.

Leo Bancroft Sulphate Shampoo & Conditioner

Whilst my hair is wet I use products to help give it a bit more ease when drying. I swear by this Color WOW Speed-Dry Blow Dry Spray £16.50. You spray it on whilst hair is towel-dried and it just helps to speed up the blow-dry process. I am not sure how this spray works, all I know is it does. My hair is really thick and takes ages to dry so anything to help with that is a god in my opinion. I also try to add a bit of volume to my roots so that whilst I like it straight, I don’t like it to hang down too much. For that I use this John Frieda Volume Lotion Spray currently £3.99 at Boots. I lift up the roots and spritz underneath. I’ll then dry my hair with a big barrel brush like this one from Boots and try to dry my hair as sleek as possible and get all the kinks out.

Everyday Hair Routine Straight Thick hair

To keep it smooth and ultra straight I of course use a straightener. I have just converted to this Richard Ward Glamoriser Nano-Diamond straightener £90 from my ghd’s. I always thought ghd was the best straightener out there, but now I have been proven wrong. It has varying heat levels on it from 130 degrees to 235 degrees, which is great for all different types of hair and makes my hair so lovely and sleek, plus it feels soft to the touch, much more than the ghd makes my hair. I was so impressed with this one and love the glitter effect on it too.

Using Richard Ward Glamoriser

I also spray some dry shampoo in my hair after washing, just a little. It seems to give it a bit more oomph and also helps to last those extra days. I’m loving Toni & Guy’s Classic Perfect Tease Dry Shampoo £7.49 right now, it doesn’t leave a white residue on the hair like Batiste does and so is great for all different hair colours.

Richard Ward Glamoriser & Toni & Guy Dry ShampooJust yesterday I experienced a Brazilian blow-dry treatment, which I am looking forward to filling you in on and seeing the results in a couple of days. My everyday routine will probably stay the same as above, apart from I have special shampoo to use to keep the keratin in my hair and I probably won’t be needing the straighteners as much. I am excited to see how it turns out!

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