E45 Overnight Hand Cream
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E45 Repair & Protect Overnight Hand Cream

January 28, 2015

This winter I have been really battling with the cold against my skin, so it is essential I always moisturise. I seem to have ended up with dry skin around my right eye and can’t get rid of it argh! Not only that but my hands have been suffering too, so when the new E45 overnight hand cream landed on my desk I was so excited to give it a go.

E45 Overnight Hand Cream

Intrigued by an overnight hand cream, then do read on. I think most people forget to look after their hands, I know I am guilty of it. I moisturise my face and neck constantly and my body when I am not being lazy, but the hands always seem to get forgotten. This E45 Repair & Protect Overnight hand cream is your winter saviour and is here to stop the dry, cracked appearance and feel your hands can suffer from the cold weather.

E45 Overnight Hand Cream

So how does it work? The cream boosts skin’s cell regeneration overnight, it contains vitamin B3 which helps in the production of cells so the skin on your hands can regenerate whilst you sleep. What I really liked about this hand cream is it is fragrance free and also great for my hands as I have very sensitive skin, E45 is one of the only hand creams I can use without getting irritated skin. I also always forget to apply any hand cream throughout the day so have added this to my nighttime routine and it is perfect.

Grab a bottle for Β£3.99 in Boots and have sofert hands this winter!

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    January 29, 2015 at 00:34

    I am TERRIBLE at remembering to look after my hands actually but I love E45, you can’t go wrong. I have eczema on my arms and it’s really flaring up over winter so I need to buy some of the body cream xx

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