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Does Your Foundation Have SPF?

August 22, 2016

Well mine doesn’t. I have always had a foundation with an SPF that was until I was converted to Armani Luminous Silk and basically nothing can replace it, but it does not have SPF. So in the hotter summer months instead of foundation I have been reaching for one of these products. They work great on their own or even under foundation for an extra polished finished, which no doubt I’ll be doing as the colder months creep in. I’ve never been a fan of just putting SPF on my face, so these formulas are ideal for me and also give a gorgeous flawless look too so perfect for everyday wear.

A recent study conducted by global leaders in skin cancer research at the University of Queensland, found that the daily application of SPF 30+ on 903 adults under 55 years of age showed no detectable increase in skin ageing after 4 1/2 years. So there is no better time to start applying SPF now, if you don’t already.

IT Cosmetics CC Correcting Cream SPF 50 – BUY NOW

I was desperate to try this from IT Cosmetics and it’s not easy to get hold of the product here as it hasn’t launched on QVC UK. However I managed to get hold of it from Beautylish, which is an awesome site for buying some of my favourite American brands. I’ve only used the site once for this order, but definitely can see myself ordering more. It puts customs and taxes upfront and it really didn’t take long to arrive at all.

Anyways I digress, IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream is well, amazing. It has super coverage so it looks basically like foundation but without the sweaty mess of a face throughout hot days and it has SPF 50+ so all the protection you need against UVA/UBV rays. It covers well and also acts as an anti-ageing serum with ingredients such as snail secretion filtrate, plant oils and Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid.

I have been wearing this so much and really love it, another IT Cosmetics win from me. I really loved the Bye Bye redness corrector but it didn’t have SPF so this is the step up and I’m just addicted. I chose the shade light and it was a perfect match.

Dr Dennis Gross Instant Radiance Sun Defence SPF 40 – BUY NOW

I didn’t think anything could impress me more than the IT Cosmetics, that was until Dr Dennis Gross Instant Radiance rocked up on my doorstep. The lightweight tinted moisturiser has SPF 40 and adapts to your skin colour. The light/medium shade as you can see from the swatch below on my hand looks really orange, but don’t be put off, it will adjust to your skin tone perfectly. It also has a gorgeous glow to it, it really brings my face to life and adds instant colour and protection.

It lasts throughout the day too, being an SPF you should top it up, but for lasting power on the colour etc it does stay on very well. It also comes in a medium/dark shade, which I actually thought was quite nice on if I wanted to be more bronzed, but the lighter shade was definitely my true colour. The coverage is good, it will cover redness and you might not want to go back to foundation after this.

Alpha H Protection Plus Daily SPF 50 – BUY NOW

Over 80% of skin ageing and damage is caused by everyday sun exposure. Alpha H is one of those brands that really focus on anti-ageing. I was recently introduced to the brand and I am currently loving the Beauty Sleep Peel and now the Daily Protection Plus SPF 50 + has won me over too. This one isn’t so much good for coverage, but will add a tint of colour to your face and is a great one for under make-up.

It hydrates the skin with mango seed butter, has a non greasy matte finish. Ingredients also include pomegranate which helps shield the skin against free radical damage and enzogenol helps to restore skin vitality. Again it’s really lightweight and doesn’t feel like a normal SPF at all, but still has that SPF 50+ protection.

Here are swatches of each, as you can see they all look very different, but they all work well on my skin tone. L to R IT Cosmetics CC+ Light, Alpha H Protection Plus Daily, Dr Dennis Gross Instant Radiance Light/Medium.

Remember to always check the use by date on your sunscreens this can be found on the product with the little tin can style icon, most will say 12M, which means 12 months from opening. This is especially important for these as make-up isn’t always obvious when it’s past its date, I know I’m guilty of it being when it’s run out, so do keep that in mind.

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