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Davina – Beyond Breaking Point

February 13, 2014

When I heard about Davina McCall’s BT Sport Relief challenge I just had to share it with you! Davina has been undertaking the challenge of a lifetime, which sees her going ‘Beyond Breaking Point’ with a seven-day challenge where the 46-year-old TV presenter is attempting to go 500 miles from Edinburgh to London by running, swimming and cycling all by herself! It makes me feel bad even watching her, seeing as I haven’t even attempted her DVD I bought just after Christmas, oops!

The challenge has been taking place from last Saturday the 8th and she finally finishes it tomorrow on Friday 14th February. She has been doing so well and you probably have seen the pictures in the paper of her collapsing from the swim across Lake Windermere? But still even after this she has kept going and it is such an amazing feat, especially in this stormy weather, I don’t know how she is doing it. If she completes on Friday she will become the first woman ever to complete a Sport Relief challenge, so I am really rooting for her!

Davina Sport Relief Challenge

Also if you didn’t know today is actually ‘Dial for Davina’ day, where BT are donating 1p to Sport Relief for every call made today on a BT home phoneline, BT business line and also phonebooths (old school), so get calling your friends and family. If that wasn’t enough for you, Davina is the voice of BT’s Speaking Clock until the 23rd March, during which BT will donate 10p to Sport Relief for every call made to the BT Speaking Clock from a BT landline.

You can follow Davina’s Challenge over on the site and see all the pictures of her in action. I will be tweeting my support for her today and if you fancy joining me, use ‘#Davina’, and the messages will appear on the wall of support which shows up over on the website. Donations can also be made on the Sport Relief website.

Good Luck Davina!!

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