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Crystal Contour Facial At Cadogan Cosmetics

February 2, 2016

Last week I tried out a new type of facial I had never experienced before – the Crystal Contour at Cadogan Cosmetics in Chelsea. The facial uses a series of techniques as well as laser light to renew the cells and encourage them to stop being sluggish and in turn produce more collagen to keep skin looking plump and your face looking contoured. A course of these type of treatments can really help if you are slightly older and can encourage sagging skin to become plumper and tighter. I don’t quite have sagging skin just yet but was really intrigued and was a great way to get my skin looking smooth and at it’s best in this awful weather of winter.

Now if you are used to a spa facial with chanting music and the smell of aromatherapy oils then Cadogan Cosmetics couldn’t be more different. It’s a clinic offering surgical and non surgical treatments and the room of the facial does feel more like a doctor’s surgery, but with that said I kind of liked it. Don’t get me wrong I do like the relaxing feel of a spa, but sometimes all the changing, locker rooms and the likes is just time-consuming and I just want to get down to the job in hand and what I am there for, which is exactly the way it was at Cadogan Cosmetics.

Cadogan Cosmetics Review

I was greeted by Sophie who was super lovely and we talked through the facial and what was going to happen, plus if I had any concerns. Personally I was worried about the peel aspect, with Samantha from Sex & The City’s red face springing to mind, but this was nothing like that. We started off the treatment with a Skinceuticals simply clean cleanser, which is a pore refining gel cleanser containing botanical extracts and fruit enzymes. The next step was a mild Epionce peel, with Sophie being careful on my more sensitive areas I had pointed out. The peel tingles but was really nothing bad at all and I really do have a very sensitive face. The peel exfoliates, improves skins texture and increases cell turnover and helps to relieve congestion and dullness which in turn leaves the skin glowing and smooth. Already after this my face was feeling super soft.

After the peel it was time for the clearlift laser, I popped on the goggles and Sophie worked her way around my face using the laser.  It’s pain-free and the only thing you might feel is a slight heat but nothing that I personally found uncomfortable. This stimulates the cells that produce collagen and elastin, helping to give that plump and smooth look. A crystal fibre mask was then applied to my face, which felt lovely and cooling and also hydrating.

Cadogan Clinic

Lastly I was popped under LED light for around 10 mins, again with the goggles on. Before I left, Skinceutcials antioxidant serum and SPF 30 were applied, it’s really important to wear SPF after an exfoliation treatment like this one. I loved that the products used were all really powerful dermatologist branded ones that effectively produce results, rather than your standard ones you usually get at the spa.

I was super impressed with the results of the facial. I was worried I would have redness after the peel and/or laser, but I had none, maybe a slight light pink but nothing really, which was great. My skin felt really soft and over the next few days still looked good and my make-up went on better too. One thing I really liked was that I knew what was happening each stage of the way, too many times have I laid in a spa unable to relax as I keep thinking ‘what’s coming up next’. I would definitely visit Cadogan Cosmetics again and also consider more laser facial treatments.

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