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May 26, 2015

When it comes to beauty products as much as I love make-up I am a bit of a skincare junkie. I love trying new products and have definitely seen my skin condition improve from finding the right skincare products that work for me.

The latest new addition to test out was BRYT skincare. Instantly the bright coloured packaging drew me in, I absolutely loved the colours and it would definitely appeal to me on the shelf. I tested out BRYT Remove, BRYT Night Cream and BRYT Essential Serum. In every BRYT product it uses a formulation called the ‘Advanced Phytoscience System or APS’ this formulation is rich in super antioxidants and helps to protect, detoxify and exfoliate to help improve the appearance of problematic skin and blemishes. Aloe Vera soothes and calms and Allantoin will heal, soothe and moisturise. All bringing skin back to a healthy lifestyle.

BRYT skincare review

First up we have BRYT remove £10.50, this is a water based cleanser and removes make-up with complete ease. It is rich in olive and almond oil so great for even using on the eyes. I really liked using this cleanser, it removed make-up very well and left my skin so soft afterwards. I did find the spray bottle tricky to use though as I got a bit fed up of spraying it on a cotton pad first as it really took awhile. So I ended up removing the top and the job at hand was done much quicker.

BRYT Skincare

BRYT have a number of serums designed for all skin types from combination and oily to dry and sensitive. I tested out the Essential Serum £16.00, this one is designed for normal to sensitive skin. I enjoyed this serum as it is rich in natural oils, which is great for my sensitive skin. It was quickly absorbed into my skin so no waiting around to apply my moisturiser. It also has sea minerals to help increase vitality and cell cohesion and rose oil and camomile which is perfect for sensitive skin. Out of the three I’d say this was my favourite product and gave my skin a lovely feeling at the end of the day.

BRYT Night Cream Review

Lastly BRYT Night Cream £17.50, aside from the pump being a bit temperamental from time to time to get the product out,I found it really nourishing to use. It isn’t thick and creamy so it never caused me any break outs and just glided on, drying in again quickly so I didn’t have to worry about it going all over my pillow. I have a few dry patches and this is designed to be good for eczema and rosacea again with rose and lavender to help to relax the skin. This one I did see a quick difference, in the morning my skin looked brighter than normal.

BRYT also have a range for men, check it out and the rest of the range at Selected products are now also available in Waitrose stores.

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