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Boxcar Butcher & Grill, Marylebone

March 12, 2018

Boxcar is a new butcher, deli and grill just a little walk up from Marble Arch in Marylebone. As you might expect being located on New Quebec Street it is competing with a number of restaurants and bars serving great food. Paula and I were invited down to try out the grill menu and so we decided to pop down on a Sunday to try out their lunch offerings.

Boxcar is modern looking inside and out and is split into three areas, the first is the deli at the front, which is perfect for a quick pit stop for a coffee and snack. The second is the restaurant, where there are dining tables upstairs towards the back and a restaurant area downstairs. The third is the butchers, don’t worry its downstairs and out-of-the-way. The restaurant has copper-topped tables based on a thick tree trunk, perfect for those Instagram foodies.

The menu is concise and focuses on British classic butcher’s meat, with three or four dishes in starters, mains and desserts. As it was Sunday lunchtime, I was looking forward to trying out their roast beef.

Boxcar Butcher & Grill Marylebone

Boxcar Butcher & Grill Marylebone

Boxcar Butcher & Grill Marylebone Menu

I went for a small bite in the homemade sausage roll as my starter, it was a grown up’s sausage roll, full of flavour, not just from the meat but with a real punch of fresh herbs and seasoning, with a flaky buttery pastry. It was definitely not your average lukewarm sausage roll. Paula chose the chicken liver parfait, the parfait was served in a small jar, unlike other parfaits the layer of fat at the top was soft and easily movable if that’s not your thing. The parfait was whipped really well and very smooth, it was accompanied with a side of apple and grape chutney, the chutney was full of cinnamon which complimented the parfait really well alongside the crunch from the three slices of toasted sourdough, it was a good starter and sets you up for your main nicely.

Sausage Roll Boxcar Boxcar Butcher & Grill Marylebone Review

Parfait Boxcar Boxcar Butcher & Grill Marylebone Review

For the mains, I opted for their signature dish, the roast beef and all of the trimmings. As you might expect the beef came blushing, it was a very good piece of beef, seasoned well and very tender. The trimmings included smoked carrots, brilliant red roasted beetroot, buttered savoy cabbage and three large crispy roast potatoes that your parents would be proud of. The roast beef also came with the traditional Yorkshire Pudding, it’s not the fluffy Yorkshire you might expect, the texture was quite cakey and would be the only thing I would have changed on the Sunday roast. The bone marrow gravy was packed with flavour and paired really well with the roast beef and trimmings.

Paula decided to try one of steaks. There is a dedicated steak blackboard for different cuts and weights of meat including a number of larger cuts, Cote de Boeuf and Chateaubriand. Paula chose the 28-day aged Sirloin steak from the main menu, she asked for it medium and it came perfectly cooked with a good sprinkle of salt for seasoning. The steak was a lovely soft piece of Sirloin, it was actually one of the nicer steaks we have had this year.

Being somewhere that is going for a traditional British menu, the steak was served with two grilled tomatoes and came with a sauce of your choice, the peppercorn sauce was rich and full of large black peppercorns. For a side, the skinny fries come served with your choice of rosemary salt (like Honest Burger) or bacon salt, as you might expect from carnivores we were intrigued to see what their bacon salt was going to taste like and it was a subtly smoked bacon salt, worth a try.

Sunday Roast Boxcar Boxcar Butcher & Grill Marylebone Review

Sunday Lunch Boxcar Boxcar Butcher & Grill Marylebone Review

Sirloin Steak Boxcar Boxcar Butcher & Grill Marylebone Review

Fries With Bacon Salt Boxcar Boxcar Butcher & Grill Marylebone Review

The mains also went nicely with their house white wine Il Folle Grillo, it was a good bottle of Sicilian white wine and went well with both beef dishes.

After two courses we tend to struggle to look at desserts, however, we both wanted to try their traditional desserts, so we chose both. Sticky toffee pudding which came covered in butterscotch sauce and clotted cream, it was just like your grandparents and parents would love; sweet, soft and the sugar rush you need after two courses. The second dessert was treacle tart, it came with salted caramel popcorn and delicate popcorn ice cream, a nice touch with the popcorn on top.

Popcorn Treacle Tart Sunday Lunch Boxcar Boxcar Butcher & Grill Marylebone Review

Sticky Toffee Pudding Sunday Lunch Boxcar Boxcar Butcher & Grill Marylebone Review

Pudding Sunday Lunch Boxcar Boxcar Butcher & Grill Marylebone Review

Boxcar was good and fairly priced, once the restaurant got busy as you might expect there was a little wait between the courses however the waiting staff are helpful and ensured we had a good visit. I would happily go back, it’s somewhere I would take my dad and brother for a large steak and glass of good wine.

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