Benefit They're Real Gel Liner Review
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Benefit They’re Real Push Up Gel Liner Review

June 15, 2014

On Friday I joined Benefit and Citroen for an amazing day out at Silverstone race course which I cannot wait to share with you, but for now I wanted to show you this new Benefit gel eyeliner which I was lucky enough to pick up in my goody bag from the event. The liner doesn’t launch till the end of June so I was excited to give it a whirl!

The They’re Real push-up liner is a lash hugging gel liner pen, sort of reminiscent of a felt tip pen with a very sharp point and is in keeping with the same They’re Real theme as the mascara which I love and pretty much use everyday. I have always wanted to try a gel liner, but the little pots and teeny brushes have always tested my patience, so for a gel to be combined in a pen I knew we were going to be BFF’s.

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner Review

Benefit They're Real Gel Eyeliner

I gave the pen a try today and I must say I am very impressed. On first use you remove the little orange plastic bit and then twist the bottom of the pen a few times to activate the gel so you see it coming out the top, it then recommends a couple of twists each time you use it. I found it really easy to apply and I am so used to using a liquid liner, but the principle is the same, it’s just gel that comes out instead.

Benefit They're Real Gel Eyeliner Review

Benefit New They're Real Liner

The eyeliner really pops out your eyes as it is a jet black colour and doesn’t fade throughout the day, which some of my others have done. I also tested out the waterproof factor, I put a line on my hands and tried to wash it off, it wouldn’t budge, not even a smudge! But did come off easily with my Simple eye cream remover incase you were worried of not getting it off.

Benefit They're Real Gel Black Eyeliner

Benefit They're Real Gel Liner

Even if you are an eyeliner novice I would say this is very simple to use and has such a perfect brush that it basically directs you on how to put it on. I really liked using it and would definitely recommend it!

Benefit’s new eyeliner launches June 28th and is priced at £18.50.

P-Ho Rating: [usr=5]

 Benefit They're Real Pump-It Up Gel Liner Review


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    jasmine turner
    June 15, 2014 at 20:25

    Really want to try this, ive heard amazing things about it! I love all Benefit products too 🙂
    xprincessjas | xx

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