Tesoro Blu Hotel Palms in Kefalonia

Kefalonia, Greece

June 11, 2015

I’m back from holiday and well feeling pretty sad I’m not still there! Kefalonia was the most beautiful island in Greece, it was so lovely and sunny, with beach trips each day and the feeling of being very chilled out was just what we both needed. I managed to read a whole book whilst I was away, something I haven’t done in a long time, it was ‘The Girl On The Train’ if you are interested and it is an amazing book, well worth a read. This of course inspired me to start my writing again of my own book as well as the laid back attitude on the island combined, I have realised I need to take a small step back from blogging – just a little of course and really concentrate on the other things I want to achieve. I also didn’t take my Nikon camera with me on holiday as I didn’t want to lug about a big camera and also to stop me blogging everything and just enjoy some actual time off. However I did take my Olympus camera to take some holiday shots for myself, but I of course couldn’t resist sharing.

Don’t worry I won’t bore you with a slideshow, but on the Thursday of our week in Kefalonia we took a tour of the island and headed to the other towns – which are very far apart, this is a whole day trip people, it really takes a long time! Amongst the hills and trees there are a few small town across the island of Kefalonia, that you really need dedication to see them all.

Tesoro Blu Skala Kefalonia

I’ll start off with Skala which is where we stayed. This is probably the most happening of the places in Kefalonia, maybe expect from Fiskardo. It has a high street, although not like we know it, there is no Topshop, Starbucks or Burger King, but little supermarkets, a few jewellery shops and plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants. I also found myself a giant chess set!

Giant chess set

There are gorgeous beaches and we stayed at the opposite end from the high street where it was a bit quieter at the Tesoro Blu Hotel. This hotel was lovely, it was adults only and the staff were very friendly. I also loved the infinity pool, just look at that view. Another great hotel just up from ours was the Regina Dell Acqua, we ate dinner here and also used their beach during the day, it was a really beautiful hotel. The food on holiday was a bit hit or miss for me, but here it was just perfect.

Skala Beach

So onto our tour of the island, we stopped off firstly at Sami, this is where they filmed Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and the boats on the water were picture perfect, it was clear to see why this was an obvious choice for the movie.

Sami Kefalonia

Sami Kefalonia Greece

We then moved on to the Melissani Lake for a look at the Melissani caves and so we hopped onto the little rowing boats for a tour through. This place was so eerie it really felt like it had a history, and we were told the story of the nymphs behind it. It was really amazing to see this and definitely worth a visit.

Melissani Caves Kefalonia

Melissani Caves Kefalonia Greece

Melissani caves in Kefalonia

Melissani Caves Kefalonia

After the caves we then headed to for a pit stop of coffee and cake and waited to board our boat to Fiskardo.

Boats in Kefalonia Greece

Kefalonia Greece

Kefalonia Coast

I was really excited to see Fiskardo and I wasn’t disappointed when we got there. It’s full of picturesque houses, fishing boats, yachts and plenty of restaurants and shops. We didn’t get as much time here as I would have liked but it was great to be able to see it.

Fiskardo yellow wallks

Fiskardo Kefalonia

Fiskardo Kefalonia

Pink restaurant in Fiskardo Kefalonia

Pink restaurant in Fiskardo Kefalonia

Fiskardo Kefalonia

After Fiskardo we then ventured to Assos, this is the tiniest village and was again so beautiful. The roads to get there though are pretty terrifying. There are some tight bends on some very high mountains that it was quite scary at times. Once there however it was worth it to see this small part of the island. All the places in Kefalonia were worth a picture moment. On the road down to Assos there are ruined houses, which go back hundreds of years.

Assos Kefalonia

Assos Kefalonia

Assos Kefalonia old houses

Assos Kefalonia

Lastly we went to one of the high spots to take a look down at Myrtos beach. This beach is one of the white sand beaches and just looked amazing. To view it at this height, you can see the clouds behind me which you could practically touch, it was just breathtaking and a moment I will always remember.

Myrtos Beach Kefalonia Greece


Looking down on Myrtos beach Kefalonia

Kefalonia is a really beautiful island in Greece and I would highly recommend it for a complete chilled out break. Plenty of sun, sand and cocktails required. For cocktails head to Waves bar, their cocktails were on par if not better than London!

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