55DSL Diesel Sunglasses Rosie Buss Pink

55DSL Rosie Buss Sunglasses

November 24, 2013

It may be winter, but the winter sun can be a total bitch, that glare in your eye on a cold winter’s morning, no thanks. So I was really happy when a pair of these 55DSL sunglasses arrived from Vice magazine on my doorstep. They are perfect for that winter ski look and I absolutely love them!

55DSL or FIFTYFIVEDSL whichever takes your fancy, have launched a gorgeous new line of sunglasses, produced in collaboration with Marcolin, they are described as a hybrid style and to have “Two shapes in one style, two styles in one shape.” The glasses have a very futuristic feel with the clear and coloured plastics. For the guys we have styles ‘Ben Dover’ and ‘Hugh Jazz’ and for the girls ‘Rosie Buss’ and ‘Ivana Dence’, plus ‘Mike Hawk’ the unisex style.

Below I am wearing a pair of Rosie Buss, £72 in light pink and silver/clear. I love the colour as I think it really compliments my skin tone and the style is pretty similar to a cat-eye which is my favourite.

55DSL Disesel Sunglasses Rosie Buss Pink

55DSL Diesel Rosie Buss Sunglasses

I also love a big shape, for that superstar quality of course. The lenses are grey with a flash of silver through them.They go perfect with a knit jumper, jeans and my fur coat without looking like a total pimp.

55DSL Rosie Buss Sunglasses

The sunglasses come in their own pill style case and have a protective sleeve for carrying around too.

55DSL Diesel Rosie Buss Sunglasses PInk

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