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5 Things To Consider When Buying A New Sofa

June 27, 2017

Buying a sofa has become so much more than just walking into a shop, perching on the nearest one and testing it for its comfort factor. Comfort is a very high priority, but if you are serious about your interior there are many things to consider when it comes to buying a new sofa. Camerich are one of the best places to buy a new sofa, making it very easy to customise what you want. With that said here are five things to consider when purchasing your new sofa.

1. Style

Camerich’s first step to helping you choose your perfect sofa is the style. Seems easy enough, but did you realise how many possible styles there are? I am most familiar with seeing either a corner sofa or something simple like a straightforward two-seater, but there are many different sofa styles out there. Look and get an idea of what style you like, but also think what would work best in the room that you are trying to fill. If you want to fill a larger space maybe go for a corner sofa or if you have smaller room then a simple two-seater, with a possible sofa bed. Just because your space is small doesn’t mean you should go for a small style, sometimes something wider can fill the space better.

Sofa Buying Guide - 5 things to consider when buying a new sofa - London Lifestyle Blog

2. Size

Once you have chosen a style, you need to also consider the size. Is it going to be a small corner sofa, a closed corner, a large sofa or maybe a chaise section? But does that chaise section go left, or right? The best way to answer this is to take measurements where you want the sofa to go. Measure also the doorways, hallways and staircases. As the sofa not only has to fit in the room but should be able to get into it also. Otherwise you might be screaming PIVOT rather a lot, always got to throw a Friends reference in when you’re talking about sofas.

3. Choose Your Fabric

This is the fun part, customising your sofa to your own fabric choice. Camerich have such a variety of fabric choices, so let’s narrow it down a little. Maybe think what colour you would like as a starting point. Does the room have a colour scheme? What colour would work well as a centrepiece? I personally tend to like a more neutral sofa colour, but then if I had creative freedom on designing a room for someone, I would maybe choose a vibrant colour, something a little bolder. A sofa that comes with removable covers is always a great idea so you can clean them easier.

Leather sofas I’d say are slightly easier to clean than fabric, with many being able to wipe off any spillage, but I do love the look of a fabric sofa and personally think they have a homelier look. But again, it is all down to personal preference, a black leather sofa could look very modern and fit right in with your interior plans.

Camerich Sofa Buying Guide - UK Lifestyle Blog

Camerich Sofa Buying Guide - UK Lifestyle Blog

4. Accessorise

Think how you’d like to decorate the sofa, with cushions of the same fabric or will you choose something a bit fun. One of my favourite looks is the fluffy faux fur cushions, they always add a playful edge and make the sofa area feel welcoming. Or how about adding a pop of colour? If you have a white sofa, how about adding an orange cushion, something a little different to brighten it up. There are numerous options you can choose to decorate your new sofa. I feel adding cushions really gives the sofa your personal touch and where you can be a little creative.

5. Make Sure You Love it

A sofa is a big purchase and the average person won’t be replacing theirs all that often, so make sure you really love it. You are going to live with this sofa for a long-time, it’s your new child and it won’t be going anywhere soon. This is why I love Camerich’s personalisation options, it means you can get exactly what you want and not regret choosing the corner sofa just because it came in the fabric you liked. You can choose the style, size, fabric and cushions to your tastes, so hopefully it’ll last for years to come in your home. Camerich sofas also come with a free 15-year guarantee which is impressive.

Camerich Sofa Buying Guide - UK Lifestyle Blog

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