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5 Of London’s Must-Try Desserts

January 23, 2018

Even though your full from dinner, you will always have room for dessert right? I even base my restaurant choice on the dessert menu. So I wanted to put together five desserts in London that I absolutely love and I recommend you must try.

BBR Signature Chocolate Glory

Bob Bob Ricard Signature Chocolate Glory is a must for all chocolate fans and for those that want something to impress. The gold bomb melts open whilst the waiter pours hot chocolate sauce over the top of it. Inside is chocolate jivara mousse, chocolate brownie, berries and a passionfruit and orange jelly. It’s a mixture of flavours that compliment well together.

If chocolate isn’t for you then Bob Bob Ricard’s Eton Mess En Perle is another favourite of mine and works in a similar way with the cream being poured over the top. Inside it has strawberry sorbet, lime meringue with raspberries, marshmallows and cream. If you’re not sure, order both to share.

Bob Bob Ricard BRB Chocolate Glory - Best desserts in London - The LDN DIaries

Chocolate Soufflé at The Dorchester

I made my first visit to The Grill at The Dorchester last year and I had one thing in mind when going, the chocolate soufflé. I had seen it on their Instagram page and to be honest it’s what made me book in for dinner. The Grill itself is faultless, amazing service and the food is top-notch. For dessert though it has got to be the chocolate soufflé. There are a few soufflés on the menu, such as Diplomatico Reserva Rum, Gingerbread and Sicilian Pistachio & Salted Caramel, each taking 20 minutes, so make sure you allow the time to try it.

I don’t even think I really even liked soufflé until I tried this chocolate one, it is melt in your mouth chocolate, Sao Tome Chocolate 75% from Alain Ducasse Manufacture in Paris to be exact, but it’s just simply amazing. If there is one dessert from this list to try, I’d recommend starting here, you won’t regret it.

Chocolate Soufflé at The Dorchester - Best Desserts In London - The LDN Diaries

S’mores at Flesh & Buns

It was a bit of a hard decision to choose between Flesh & Buns s’mores or their custard doughnuts, but you know it’s a good place for dessert when there is more than one tempting option. However it has to be the s’mores at Flesh & Buns in this list of must-try desserts. What is so special? Well let’s start with the fact they come out to you with their own mini camp fire. Yep, a real-life little fire comes to your table. You then take the passionfruit marshmallow and almond chocolate in between the Graham crackers and cook your own s’mores at your own table. Genius!

This is a real fun dessert and a great one to share with friends, they are pretty tasty too.

S'mores Flehs & Buns - Best desserts in London - The LDN DIaries

Fried Oreos At Blues Kitchen

A few years ago I discovered fried Oreos in Miami at Prime 112, never having tried them before. I then quickly discovered they pretty common in the States often finding them at fairgrounds and piers. Finally it seems fried Oreos have made their way over to the UK. I’ve tried a couple of versions and have even made our own fried Oreos. If you want to try them too, then head to Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch, they serve them up with a salted caramel dip and a bit of sugar on top. The perfect dessert after some burgers or fried food. Yes it’s dirty, but it’s delicious.

Blues Kitchen Shoreditch Fried Oreos - Best desserts in London - The LDN Diaries

Bombe Nero at The Savoy Grill

The Savoy Grill is a Gordon Ramsey restaurant and is a fine dining affair, so you wouldn’t be surprised when the dessert is wheeled over to you by the waiter and then set alight or would you? Bombe Nero is one of famous French chef Auguste Escoffier’s signature desserts and has sponge, caramel, ice-cream and chocolate truffles all coated in meringue and presented with flaming rum. It’s definitely a showstopper and tastes absolutely delicious. If you want to impress on a date, then I wouldn’t hold back to book this in.

Savoy Grill Bombe Nero - Best desserts in London - The LDN DIaries

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