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Earlier this week I was so excited to hear I won a competition on Elle magazine to visit London Zoo by night and take a twilight tour of the new Tiger Territory followed by a screening of Life Of Pi. I had been to the Zoo not that long ago and missed the tigers as they were building the new enclosure, so was excited to be able to see them this time, not to mention I hadn’t seen Life OF Pi yet. The new enclosure plays host to the critically-endangered Sumatran tigers and is designed to reflect an Indonesian habitat.

Our evening started off with a glass of Prosecco, complete with flavouring of your choice. There was Lychee, Mango or Passion fruit, I opted for passion fruit. You just had to squirt the flavouring into your glass, such a great idea!

Tiger Territory London Zoo


As we all entered the Tiger area, one of the tigers was right there in its inside enclosure, just chilling out. Such an amazing animal. Later on when I came back for another look he was sleeping away. We were told they sleep for 16-20 hours a day!

The rest of the enclosure is as you would expect trees, logs and places for them to hide, to which we were told the other one was. They must be really good at it as I couldn’t see it at all ha!

Tiger Territory London Zoo

Tiger Territory London Zoo

Tiger Territory London Zoo

Tiger Territory London Zoo

Tiger Territory London Zoo Footprints

Tiger Territory London Zoo

On the tour we passed by these amazing camels! They were super huge but seemed happy enough eating away.

Camels London Zoo

Camels and The P-Ho Diaries

After the tour round the Tiger Territory we headed to the outdoor screening of Life Of Pi round the corner from the enclosure. There were deck chairs all laid out for us and popcorn, food and drinks stalls. It was pretty cold after the sun went down yesterday so I was glad I had brought a blanket. Everyone had their own headphones so we could watch silently as not to annoy the animals. It was weird to think watching the film which features tigers, monkeys and zebras that they were surrounding me!

Life Of Pi London Zoo screening

Paula Holmes

London Zoo


The film was really enjoyable and so was the whole night, thanks to Elle and London Zoo for a fantastic experience.