Full Face Using ONLY Highlighter Challenge

If you are a regular YouTube watcher you might have seen this challenge kicking about YouTube. The challenge if you choose to accept it is to do a full face of make-up using ONLY highlighter. Of course this is not a tutorial and if you like to go out like this on the regular then so be it. However for me it was just a bit of fun and I hope you enjoy the video!


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5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Guide 2016

This Sunday 19th June is Father’s Day and if you are anything like me, it’s always a real tough job working out what to buy. I think it’s always nice to get a gift rather than just a voucher, so I’ve trawled the net to find my top five gifts, hopefully something a little different and you can surprise Dad this Father’s Day. Read More »


MITCH by Paul Mitchell

MITCH by Paul Mitchell Mens hair review

As a massive hair product junkie and a little bit of a hair product snob, when I heard that Paul Mitchell had added a new product to its existing men’s range MITCH I jumped at the chance to try it out. I have never actually tried the specific men’s range, although I am already a fan of Paul Mitchell products. I absolutely love the elastic shaping paste and it has been a staple product for me for at least ten years. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been putting the brand new MITCH MATTERIAL and a few others to the test.  Read More »

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Cielo Blanco

Cielo Blanco Exmouth Market

In London there are many different choices for food and drinks and often we are spoilt for choice. Unfortunately Mexican is not always an easy cuisine to enjoy. Other than a handful of restaurants and chains like Wahaca we struggle to get decent Mexican food in London. So luckily for us at Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell there is a new boy on the block. Paula and I recently visited to sample the Mexican delights on offer at Cielo Blanco.

Inside as you might expect from a modern Mexican restaurant it is bright, colourful and bold. It takes inspiration from renowned artist Frida Kahlo’s house in Mexico with ceramic tiling, bright bohemian designs & Mexican folk art. The focal point of the dining area is a giant tree that sprouts from a large communal table, whilst large skylights flood the restaurant with the natural light which gives the restaurant it’s name – Cielo Blanco, which is Spanish for ‘white sky’. Read More »

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Trying Out Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology Review

I absolutely love a facial, for someone who was pretty new to them only a year or so ago, I now can’t get enough. I am also up for trying all types of new wellness treatments such as the Qi Energy Treatment that I tried recently.

Last week I decided to try out facial reflexology. I was invited by the lovely Emma Gosling, who is a qualified practitioner in reflexology to try out The Bergman Method. This method of facial constitutes a new and exclusive holistic approach to beauty and was a contender for London’s best facial treatment in 2015 by Get the Gloss.

So what does The Bergman Method involve? It focuses on your overall well-being and it is based on the idea that if we experience inner wellbeing and nourish the soul then this is reflected in the face. The Bergman Method aims to reduce emotional and physical stress, improve your mood and release deep facial muscle tension which helps soften the facial features and helps to keep your face glowing. Read More »

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Too Faced Royal Oil

Too faced royal oil review

If you are out celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday this weekend, then you might want to bronze it up and I can think of no better way than with Too Faced’s Royal Oil. Sorry that was a really bad connection, but trust me you will definitely want this the next time you are out partying or want to up the ante with the bronzing.

Ever wonder how celebrities legs looked so tanned and perfected, like no dodgy marks and smooth glistening legs? Well they no doubt use a bronzing oil. I am currently obsessed with Too Faced’s Royal Oil. Not only does it smell of coconut which is just amazing, it gives you the best bronzing you may have had in your life. The bronze colour adjusts to your skin tone and will make your skin look super smooth and glistening. It only really glitters in the light, so say in the bathroom light, so don’t panic it’s not like you have covered yourself in an 80’s glitter body lotion. Read More »

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