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10 Pinterest Tips For Bloggers

May 27, 2015

Recently I attended a Pinterest blogger masterclass at Pinterest UK headquarters. This was a really insightful class and was really great to learn lots of information on Pinterest and how I can utilise it for my blog. I had read lots of articles recently about Pinterest and so it was really great to hear it from them themselves so I knew what I was hearing was right.

I of course, didn’t want to keep all this new-found knowledge to myself, so I decided to put together my top Pinterest tips for bloggers. And even if you are not a blogger most of these still apply and will help you improve your Pinning.

Firstly Pinterest is not a social network it is as they like to call it a ‘discovery tool’. You can search on Pinterest using key search terms and let’s face it you always find what you are looking for. Whether it’s an inspirational quote, festival fashion, pretty swimwear or maybe celebrity style inspiration, Pinterest is living and breathing content and images.

10 Pinterest Tips For Bloggers

Top Tips For Bloggers Using Pinterest 

1. Be Descriptive

The most important thing I took away from the class was to always use descriptions on your pins. This is something I am guilty of not doing. I see a nice pin I like and I just re-pin it. Not any more however. Make sure you give your pin a relevant and descriptive description. This will help the pin show up in search and people to find you and your boards. Here is an example of a pin that has performed well, this is a pin from my swimwear board, simply it’s a floral bikini and it’s been repinned 207 times so far since adding this description. Shorter descriptions tend to perform better, so keep it simple.

2. Give Your Board A Title

This may sound obvious but there are a lot of boards out there without a valid name. A valid name, well make sure your board name reflects what the board is about. It’s all well and good to have a ‘My Style’ board, I am guilty, or a’ Mum’s Fav’s’ but no-one is searching for those terms. Give your board a relevant title just like you would the individual pins.

3. Hashtags Don’t Work

Whilst you want to be descriptive, stay away from using hashtags on your pins. The reason – they don’t work or do anything so just stop OK.

4. Vertical Pins Work Well

When you are looking through Pinterest, go on head to your feed now. What images stand out to you? Yes it’s the vertical ones. Images with a vertical aspect ratio tend to perform better as they flow more throughout the feed. These also show up better on mobile when using the app. As a blogger put together vertical images that promote your content. Don’t use more than say four images on each and keep text to a minimum. I love this raspberry limoncello example, look how much it stands out on my feed.

10 Pinterest Tips For Bloggers - Vertical Pins | The LDN Diaries

5. Create Exciting Pin Content

Did you know you can pin animated gifs and videos on Pinterest? These can add a fun and interactive element to your boards. Maps are also a good way to create an interesting content board. You can create a map by creating a board and choosing the map option. Then ‘Add A Place’ and with each pin you can add a location to it, so it will pin it on the map. An example of this is my London board which is where I have pinned places I have visited on the blog. I also have a Barcelona and New York version.

6. Add The Pin It Button

The Pin it button you may be familiar with. This is a ‘Pin It’ button you can find when you hover over images on sites. Hover over the below image now and you will see in the top left hand corner a red ‘Pin It’ button. This helps your readers to pin your images straight to Pinterest. And if you click it, you’ll see a little message I have left for you in the description *the anticipation*. You can get your own Pin It button through Pinterest or use a WordPress plugin like I have.

YUM Strawberry Cheesecake! If you think this is a tasty treat then why not pin it to one of your boards?  Otherwise let's get back to the tips...

7. Make Your Blog Pinable

For your readers to pin your content it needs to be pinnable. Make sure your images are high-resolution and are optimised for size. Images that are 600 pixels wide will look best on Pinterest. Plus any images must be at least 100 x 200 to be able to be pinned. Similarly when you are being descriptive on Pinterest, be descriptive on your blog images. Make sure you give images on your blog alt tag descriptions, as when people pin from your blog this is what will come up if they don’t change it. Which I reckon the majority of readers won’t.

8. Add A Cover Image

Unfortunately no matter how pretty your profile is, the majority do not look at your profile. So even though they look pretty in the symmetrical and colour co-ordinated order, this doesn’t really affect your performance on Pinterest. However DO make sure your board has a cover image. This will entice people to click on your board when it comes up in search.

Pinterest board cover images | 10 Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

9. Specific & Timely Boards

The more selective your board the better it can perform. So instead of a general fashion board, why not create separate boards, for example types of fashion, ‘Denim’, ‘Suede’ and maybe even something random like ‘Jelly Shoes’. The more unique is better. You just don’t know who is searching for these terms. Popular boards on Pinterest right now include men’s style and white bathrooms. Also think of content to pin around timely events e.g Halloween. If the holiday is coming up pin this a few months before and place it at the top of your boards. Google crawls the page from top to bottom so hopefully will bring up your content.

10. Use Rich Pins & Verify

If you are a blogger, which I am guessing you are if you are reading this. Then make sure you verify your website/blog. You can do this once you sign up for a business account on Pinterest (it’s free). This will give you access to insights and stats to see what people are pinning from your blog. To get analytics and verify your website click here. Don’t worry you just need to add a small piece of code to your site and you will get a lovely verified tick on Pinterest like me. You can also see what people have been pinning from your blog by going to your own blog url).

Pinterest Profile The LDN Diaries | 10 Pinterest Tips For Bloggers

Rich Pins are also a good way to help promote your content on Pinterest. These make your content show up on Pinterest with lots more details. For example if you had a recipe on your blog and had a rich pin, on the pin it would show the ingredients and recipe below the pin. The types of rich pins are film, recipe, article, product and place. So for most bloggers we would use article. You can sign up for rich pins by clicking here and following the instructions.

I hope these tips help you maximise your Pinterest potential. You can follow me on Pinterest at


Watch – Rihanna For Dior Secret Garden UNCUT

May 26, 2015

Rihanna’s uncut video for Dior has just been released! In this 4 minute long version of Secret Garden we see Rihanna running through the Château de Versailles in absolutely jaw dropping Dior.

Dior Rihanna Secret Garden

The film was filmed by Steven Klein and the music is of course Rihanna, giving us a little teaser into the intro for her forthcoming album Only If For A Night. I think Rihanna is such a fantastic choice for Dior and is also the first ever black woman to front a campaign for the label.

Watch the video below and let me know what you think?

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BRYT Skincare

May 26, 2015

When it comes to beauty products as much as I love make-up I am a bit of a skincare junkie. I love trying new products and have definitely seen my skin condition improve from finding the right skincare products that work for me.

The latest new addition to test out was BRYT skincare. Instantly the bright coloured packaging drew me in, I absolutely loved the colours and it would definitely appeal to me on the shelf. I tested out BRYT Remove, BRYT Night Cream and BRYT Essential Serum. In every BRYT product it uses a formulation called the ‘Advanced Phytoscience System or APS’ this formulation is rich in super antioxidants and helps to protect, detoxify and exfoliate to help improve the appearance of problematic skin and blemishes. Aloe Vera soothes and calms and Allantoin will heal, soothe and moisturise. All bringing skin back to a healthy lifestyle.

BRYT skincare review

First up we have BRYT remove £10.50, this is a water based cleanser and removes make-up with complete ease. It is rich in olive and almond oil so great for even using on the eyes. I really liked using this cleanser, it removed make-up very well and left my skin so soft afterwards. I did find the spray bottle tricky to use though as I got a bit fed up of spraying it on a cotton pad first as it really took awhile. So I ended up removing the top and the job at hand was done much quicker.

BRYT Skincare

BRYT have a number of serums designed for all skin types from combination and oily to dry and sensitive. I tested out the Essential Serum £16.00, this one is designed for normal to sensitive skin. I enjoyed this serum as it is rich in natural oils, which is great for my sensitive skin. It was quickly absorbed into my skin so no waiting around to apply my moisturiser. It also has sea minerals to help increase vitality and cell cohesion and rose oil and camomile which is perfect for sensitive skin. Out of the three I’d say this was my favourite product and gave my skin a lovely feeling at the end of the day.

BRYT Night Cream Review

Lastly BRYT Night Cream £17.50, aside from the pump being a bit temperamental from time to time to get the product out,I found it really nourishing to use. It isn’t thick and creamy so it never caused me any break outs and just glided on, drying in again quickly so I didn’t have to worry about it going all over my pillow. I have a few dry patches and this is designed to be good for eczema and rosacea again with rose and lavender to help to relax the skin. This one I did see a quick difference, in the morning my skin looked brighter than normal.

BRYT also have a range for men, check it out and the rest of the range at Selected products are now also available in Waitrose stores.

What's On

What’s On

May 25, 2015

Bank Holiday is nearly over *massive sigh* so get your diaries out and start planning some of these awesome things to do in London this week.

Sophia Webster Sample Sale

If you are a fan of Sophia Webster’s shoes as much as me, you will know why you need to go to this sample sale.  Here you will find plenty of Sophia’s shoes for much less than you normally would, past seasons and who knows what bargains you will pick up. So mark Thursday 28th May in your calendars and I’ll be racing you there!

Find it at The Music Room, 26 South Molton Lane, Mayfair, W1K 5LF between 10am-8pm.

Sophia Webster Sample Sale 2015

Crossrail Place Garden

Who would have thought a new crossrail could be so exciting? Well the new Crossrail at Canary Wharf has a garden with a 50 seater amphitheatre. During the summer months you will find a whole host of events and workshops geared towards the local community and will play host to a range of performers for adults and children. The fun kicks off on Monday 28th May until Saturday 8th August.

Find it at Canary Wharf, Docklands. For more info visit

Crossrail Canary Wharf

Leo Joseph Launches Inaugural Summer Store

Guys if you are off on holiday and dreading the shopping, then stock up at Leo Joseph’s new ‘Summer Store’ that is now open in Covent Garden. Open seven days a week, 10am to 7pm the store will have all your holiday needs, polo shirts to flamingo swim shorts from this South African inspired brand. Aswell as selling artwork from wildlife photographer James Suter.

Find it at 38 Earlham Street, Covent Garden.

Leo Joseph Pop Up Store

Hendrick’s Horticultural Oasis

Blakes Hotel in Kensington has collaborated with top fashion designer Matthew Williamson and installation artist Rebecca Louise Law to reimagine their courtyard and take it into the summer season. Expect to find the courtyard covered in blooms and taxidermy, as well a selection of carefully selected Henrdrick’s gin cocktails with fresh herbs grown straight from the garden. The garden will be in bloom until the 14th July.

Find it at Blakes Hotel London, 33 Roland Gardens, London, SW7 3PF

Hendrick’s Horticultural Oasis

Mr Men Are Coming To London

The famous Mr.Men & Little Miss characters have partnered with London (TFL) and Egmont to publish Mr.Men In London a brand new Mr.Men Little Miss story featuring the characters on a day trip to the big smoke. To celebrate London’s Transport Museum will be running a Summer Family programme, with themed events storytelling, creative workshops and a themed trail from the museum. Activities will start running on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th June until August.

Find it at London Transport Museum, Covent Garden Piazza. More info viist

Mr Men come to London

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3 Quick & Easy Festival Hair Styles

May 24, 2015

With festival season fast approaching, in my latest video I show you how to do three different hair styles for a weekend festival, that means no washing of the hair and still looking good.

All you need for these is a curling wand, some dry shampoo, a brush and some hair clips! I hope you enjoy the video and if you are off to a festival this summer do let me know which, because I am nosey like that.

As always subscribe if you aren’t already to my channel by clicking here.

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Summer Fragrances

May 22, 2015

When it comes to changing my perfume, throughout winter I stick solidly to my Chanel Chance, but as soon as summer comes I always want to experiment and mix it up a little. For summer I love a fruity fragrance and something really light and fresh.

Summer Fragrance Ideas

Thanks to The Perfume Shop I have had the chance to experiment a little and find three fragrances that I will be mixing it up with this summer. First up is Marc Jacobs Daisy Sorbet (£51.50 for 50ml), I like the original Daisy perfume and this Limited Edition version for summer is exactly what I like in a summer perfume. It has fruity notes of grapefruit, pear and exotic passion fruit blended with a floral infusion of jasmine, lily of the valley and wisteria. When I smell this it just puts hot summer days in my head, so it’s a joy to wear. I love the cute flower decorated bottle it just makes it even more appealing.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Sorbet Limited Edition

Jean Paul Gaultier is a perfume I was never really a fan of, however the gorgeous bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier Hindi Summer (£40.50 for 100ml) had me hooked at first look. I just love the design it’s so pretty and surprisingly I loved the smell too. The limited edition fragrance takes inspiration from Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring/Summer collection, Hindi Summer depicts an ‘Indian Romance and is a fruity twist on the Classique fragrance. It has a floral oriental scent with refreshing notes of rose, jasmine, orange blossom and musk. This one smells so lovely when it’s on and really lasts too, I just keep sniffing it. A great one if you love something fruity but more with a much more subtle and musky smell.

Jean Paul Gaultier Hindi Limited Edition

Another fruity based fragrance this summer is Issey Miyake Summer for Her (£40.50 for 100ml). In a long and elegant bottle, this is a fruit and also floral fragrance with notes of lychee and passion fruit mixed with a blend of vanilla. It’s a very light and fresh scent which is perfect for summer.

Issey Miyake Summer Fragrance

All of the above summer fragrances are available from The Perfume Shop who have partnered with Alzheimer’s Research UK to help raise awareness of the intrinsic link between scent and memory. They are running fundraising initiatives in store through £1 gift wrapping, as well as until this Sunday 24th May if you tweet your favourite scent memory to @theperfumeshop using the hashtag #TPSMemoriesMatter, they will donate £1 for every post to Alzheimer’s Research UK. 

What are your favourite fragrances for summer?