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Kylie Jenner Hits London With Nip & Fab

March 15, 2015

Yesterday morning I was invited along to a top-secret location to welcome Nip & Fab’s latest ambassador Kylie Jenner to London. The 17-year-old is the youngest in the Jenner/Kardashian clan and was looking fab in a sheer black top, black tuxedo trousers and coat strung over her shoulders. Her pout was complete with a bold red lip and her hair sleek, bobbed and black.

Kylie Jenner Nip & Fab

Nip & Fab had put on a special interview with Kylie, which was attended by press & bloggers and lucky fans who won tickets through Nip & Fab’s competitions. So what beauty secrets did Kylie share, well here is the gossip!

  • That famous lip colour and pout? Well she says she has ten different shades of nude lipsticks, although no names were mentioned.
  • She hasn’t worked out in over two years and doesn’t go to the gym – well I don’t think I did when I was 17 either.
  • She loves to take a long soak using the Nip & Fab body washes and lotions, especially the Yoga Blends. She said she soaks for over two hours and loves to scrub off that spray tan. Hands up who else does this.
  • She takes her fashion inspiration from big sister Kim and her husband Kanye West, oh and baby North too!

Kylie also revealed she is moving out of home and has just closed her deal on a brand new place, plus lots of exciting things coming up which she didn’t quite mention, but I’m sure we will see them soon.

Maria Hatzistefanis the founder of Nip and Fab said of the collaboration: ‘I am thrilled to be working with Kylie Jenner as the NIP+FAB ambassador, she is cool, edgy and an international beauty icon’.

To me Kylie came across very sweet and if not a little nervous and shy. Some of her favourite products from Nip & Fab that she has been seen Instagramming are the Glycolic Fix range, which funnily enough is my favourite and I rave on about them to anyone who’ll listen.

Shop the range below and check out my review of Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix range.

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Battle Of The Cleansers

March 12, 2015

Guide to Cleansers

There are so many cleansers out there to choose from that how do you know you are buying the right one for you!? Never mind the brands, there are so many different types; cream cleanser, a gel, foaming cleanser, cleansing oils, wipes, wipes with benefits, micellar water and balms. I feel like a brand is bringing out a new product daily and so it’s hard to keep up with which cleanser you should be using. So I wanted to put together a simple guide, not so much as what particular brand to use but more what type. I think once you have established the type of cleanser that would benefit your skin you can then have a bit of trial and error with the brand that suits you.

Here is a quick a guide to what to look out for and how I got on testing some of the best out there.

Cream Cleansers


A cream cleanser is a good choice for you if you have skin that is on the drier side. The reason being the creamier product works to benefit the skin and nourish and moisturise, rather than stripping it of any oil that it has. This being said it doesn’t mean that if you have oiler skin a cream wouldn’t work for you but as a guide it is more suited to a drier skin type. This is definitely the category I fall into and I have been loving using a cream cleanser. Some of my favourites are SK:N Clinics Vitamin Rich Cleanser £14.75, this is suited to dry and sensitive skin (they also do a normal to combination version) and the reason I liked it was you rub it on and then wipe off with a cotton-pad, there is no need to rinse it off. I liked this as I find water can be drying on my face.

This cleanser is nice and rich and definitely good if you have very dry skin or it’s prone to being sensitive. It kind of gives you an ‘aah’ moment and made my skin very soft. Another favourite I tried was the Bee Good Honey and Propolis 2 in 1 cleanser £11.50, this cream cleanser is a great price, I thought it had a lovely smell, removed make-up really easily and left my face very soft afterwards. It also is for all skin types, so I would say you could use this one even if you don’t have dry skin.

Other favourites that ranked highly for me in this category were Elemis Pro-Radiance Cleanser £29 and Time Bomb Take Off Time Cleansing Cream £15. The Elemis comes with a handy towel glove which is great to use with it and is packed with those all important antioxidants. The Time Bomb has slightly grainy granules in it to softly exfoliate. I liked this one but would only use a couple of times a week as I don’t want to over exfoliate and prefer a cleanser that is just for cleansing.

LOOK OUT FOR – Cream cleansers with antioxidants and/or vitamin enriched, these are great for dry skin.

BEST SUITED FOR – Dry/Sensitive Skin

Cleansing Gels


A gel cleanser has the same properties that a cream one does, yet a slightly lighter consistency. So I would say these are good for most skin types and go for more of a foaming one if you are oily. One of my favourites if you can tell from the near empty bottle is La Roche Posay’s Rosaliac Gel £12.50. This is designed to get rid of redness, which I do suffer from round my nose and it really does work. The gel formula feels lovely on, it doesn’t quite leave my skin as soft as a cream does but is a nice alternative. This one has the same routine as the SK:N and doesn’t require being rinsed off, just use a cotton pad.

If you prefer to wash your face afterwards then try a gel cleanser like Simple Moisturising Facial Wash £3.49 or Beauty At Tesco Pro Formula Brightening Face Wash £2.99, these are gels but foam slightly, which I’m not a fan of foam cleansers but these are more creamy and the Tesco one has an amazing fruity smell. Plus you may have seen my review of the Herbalife range recently. I can’t rate this Herbalife Aloe Cleanser £19.25 highly enough, it really gets rid of make-up and dirt.

LOOK OUT FOR – Gel’s that turn into a more creamy formula on application, great for removing make-up. If you are spot prone look out for a gel with glycolic acid.

BEST SUITED FOR – All skin types, but really good if you have sensitive skin or suffer from rosacea.

Cleansing Oils


I reviewed a few cleansing oils a while back when I picked up a Garnier one in America, which sadly still isn’t available in the UK. However on my search for alternatives I have been trying out a few now and again. Cleansing oil is really good to help nourish the skin and it’s a bit of a myth that you can’t use it if you have oily skin as it works really well on that too.

The best part is they last forever. I have used quite a bit of the Argan + one but it looks like I haven’t even touched it! Favourites in this category were Antonia Burrell Natural Glow Cleansing Oil £29.50, Argan + Skin Awakening Cleansing Oil £10.99 and also Jojoba 100% Natural Remover £19.99 (although I did end up following up after this one so not the best for make-up removal). What I liked was the natural properties of these oils and they just seemed to work lovely on the skin.

LOOK OUT FOR – Cleansing oils with natural ingredients.

BEST SUITED FOR – All skin types.

Micellar Water


Micellar water has always had a place on my bathroom shelf. I think you either love it or hate it and I love it! I have tried out many a cleansing water from very expensive to cheap as chips and to be honest, sometimes the cheaper ones were better. Micellar water has the impression of the more grown up face wipe, but I don’t think that’s true. They are packed with lots of great benefits and so easy to use. In winter I have been using more of a cream but in summer cleansing water is my go to. I love Rodial’s Dragon Blood cleansing water £29 as it contains rose-water and is also packed with vitamins such as vitamin B3 which is great for refreshing the skin and taking away redness. Beauty at Tesco’s Pro Formula Radiance Micellar Water £3.00 is also packed with vitamins and green tea and smells divine.

LOOK OUT FOR – Micellar waters with vitamins and/or ingredients for your skin concern.

BEST SUITED FOR – All skin types.

Cleansing Balms


I bet you are thinking another type of cleanser as you read this. But yes the balm is big news in beauty land. One of the most famous has to be the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm £39.50. This one includes almond oil, rose and elderberry, so all very natural based ingredients, which explains the very spa-like strong herbal smell. It doesn’t contain any parabens which is great for the skin. I found this really easy to use and removed my make-up extremely well. The only reason I wouldn’t buy this again was the smell as I much prefer a slightly unfragranced product.

Whereas the Rodial Glamtox Balm £50 is completely different. To me they both had completely different textures. The Rodial one felt not as putty like if that makes sense, more smooth. It also acts as a toner after washing it off, which is pretty damn neat. This one is fantastic for dehydrated skin.

LOOK OUT FOR – Balms with almond oil.

BEST SUITED FOR – Dry/Dehydrated – Normal skin

Cleansing Wipes


The cleansing wipes was my go-to for numerous years before I discovered a proper cleansing routine. I say proper as I think cleansing wipes back in the day never really had much benefits. Now however they are a game changer. I still think I would use them the least over other types of skincare but I thought I’d cover them as there are some really great options out there I have tried. Simple have a spot range and the wipes, the Simple Spotless Skin Fix £4.25 are great for a quick fix and those nights you really can’t be bothered with taking your make-up off. Not only do they remove it quick and fast, they benefit the skin with zinc and chamomile for spot prevention. I’m thinking drunken nights home. Nip & Fab Dragon’s Blood cleansing pads £9.95 are another favourite alongside also Rodial Super Acid X-Treme pore pads £38, these I would use more as they are great for reducing pores and very gentle with the inclusion of olive oil and the biotilys® probiotic boots hydration.

LOOK OUT FOR – Ingredients like zinc and chamomile for spotty skin and hyaluronic acid for hydration.

BEST SUITED FOR – All skin types.

I hope this helps break-down the different types of cleanser available and maybe make your decision a little easier. I think it’s key to narrow down the type you want, then do a bit of research into the ingredients and benefits and make sure they are going to address your skin concerns. I have tried out so many cleansers recently, just trying to find my type that I think works best for me and came to the conclusion I suit a cream/gel and a micellar water for summer or when I’m feeling lazy. My skin is more on the dry side so these work well. I also think that yes more expensive cleansers sometimes have benefits but those less expensive can do also, so do check the ingredients. If there are any types I’ve missed, do let me know!

I’d love to hear what cleanser type and brand you use and why?

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SS15 Trends – Denim

March 11, 2015

Alongside the seventies, denim is one of the major trends for SS15. So not just a pair of jeans, although the flared the better, I’m talking denim dresses, skirts, dungarees, shorts, jackets and trousers, yep trousers that aren’t jeans but are denim, highly confusing. On the catwalks designers had incorporated denim into their looks, take for instance the cut-out denim dresses at Gucci and also the military styled denim. At Burberry they focused on the denim jacket and made them short and cropped with detachable warmers and coloured panels. Whereas Roberto Cavalli went for a more relaxed feel with cut-off denim shorts and ripped tees.

SS15 Denim trend Catwalk Gucci Roberto Cavalli Burberry

You may have also seen Alexa Chung embracing the trend when she recently designed her own line of clothes for AG Denim. The shirt dress and A-line skirt sold out straight away, however I have found a good version from Esprit below. For me bootcut denims bring back memories when I was a teenager, I used to live in them. Someone had to stop me from going into Miss Sixty, they were my perfect jeans! Now I think you’d have to pay me to get out my skinnies, I love following fashion trends but at the same time I want to feel comfortable in what I’m wearing so I think it is one I’ll probably miss this time. I definitely am loving the shirt dresses and picked up a fab one recently from Forever 21 which you may have seen in my latest haul video and I am currently working on a little DIY project of my own on an old denim jacket.

Here are some of my top picks of denim pieces for Spring/Summer 2015.

SS15 Trends Denim

L to R New Look Dungarees £25 | Alexa Chung for AG Ruffled Dress £185 | ENFANTS RICHE DEPRIMES Distressed Denim Jacket £375 | Esprit A-line Denim Skirt £39 | Christopher Kane Lace Shorts £1,100 | J Brand Jeans £190

What denim pieces have you spotted on your shopping travels?

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Adidas Supercolour Takes Over OFFSPRING

March 10, 2015

The latest adidas Originals Supercolour trainers are in conjunction with Pharrell Williams and boy do they come in some funky colours. In fact they come in pretty much any colour you can think of. There will be 50 different colourways in the Supercolour Superstar collection and other than the adidas store in Fouberts Place offering the whole 50, OFFSPRING stores will also be offering all 50 colours.

adidas supercolor

OFFSPRING stores in London and Manchester will be decked out with only the adidas supercolours in a 3-day takeover starting on Friday 27th March. The OFFSPRING store in Commercial Street, East London will be taken over by the trainers inside and out but will also have interactive elements for the customers. There will be a Supercolour video wall telling the story of the collection, a photo mapping wall and a selfie station where you will be able to share your selfie GIF on social media.

I’m not sure which colour I’d go for, what about you?

adidas supercolour trainers


OFFSPRING Commercial Street



OFFSPRING Selfridges, London

OFFSPRING Selfridges, Manchester

If you cannot make it to the one of the stores, then of course they will be online at

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Fortnum & Mason Afternoon Tea

March 9, 2015

If you haven’t gathered by now from reading my blog, having afternoon tea in London is one of my favourite things to do. I still have a list of places I would like to visit but one on the list is Fortnum & Mason and thanks to the lovely people at Zomato I was able to tick this off my list last Friday. My dad had come to London to visit me for a few days and so he was the perfect tea partner. Everytime he visits London he always likes to go Fortnum & Mason so I thought it would be the ideal way to treat him.

Fortnum & Mason Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea takes place in the Diamond Jubilee Salon on the fourth floor, as you walk in the pianist plays on the piano and you definitely feel like you have gone back in time slightly. We were taken to our seats after a short wait in reception, I was able to check my coat and then get a head start on browsing the menu. The Diamond Jubilee Salon is a lovely area to enjoy afternoon tea. It has big windows that let in so much light and if you have a window seat you can look out onto Piccadilly.

Fortnum & Mason Diamond Jubilee Salon

Fortnum & Mason Diamond Jubilee Salon

Fortnum & Mason tea china

My favourite part of the afternoon tea apart from the food was the china, it was just so lovely! I loved the traditional Fortnum & Mason turquoise coloured teacups and teapots. We both decided to have the standard afternoon tea, but at Fortnum’s there are three options.  A high-tea which starts with more of a main meal and also a savoury tea, where you can opt for all savoury options. I of course love cake so it was an obvious choice for me to stick to the traditional afternoon tea.

Fortnum & Mason teacup

The tea selection is fantastic, there are plenty classic blends to choose from including more flavoured teas, which are my favourite. Then also the choice of herbal tea and coffee options too if tea isn’t your thing. I chose the black tea with strawberry and my dad started off with the Queen Anne Blend to then later alter to the Royal Blend which was slightly stronger. They were happy for you to try teas out and if you didn’t like what you chose, then it was really simple to switch. I was however really happy with the strawberry black tea, it just had the right amount of fruity flavour without being too sweet.

Fortnum & Mason Afternoon tea

After our tea the food arrived so quickly, I was really impressed as normally you have to wait quite a bit while they prepare it. There was a selection of finger sandwiches which included; cucumber and mint butter, coronation chicken, rare breed hen egg with mustard cress, Fortnum’s smoked salmon with lemon dill butter and also a rare roast beef with gherkin and caper dressing. I’m not a salmon fan so my dad was loving eating all those ones, whereas my favourite was the rare beef it was delicious.

Fortnum & mason sandwiches

The scones were lovely, although I must admit not piping hot. I really love a hot scone when the butter melts on it. They were slightly smaller which I do like as it saves much more room for the cakes. They came with two jams, blueberry and strawberry and a big pot of clotted cream.

Scones at Fortnum and Mason afternoon tea

Fortnums Jam

Clotted cream

Scones at Fortnums

Fortnum & mason afternoon tea

Onto the cakes, these were a selection that I can’t truly remember what each was. The snowball looking one was a biscuit type base and had a marshmallow top and cherry type filling, it really was very tasty. Then there was the pink iced eclair filled with cream, a chocolate/coffee tart – I am not a fan of coffee so gave this one a miss and a macaroon which was really, really nice and then the last one with two spikes of chocolate coming from it, it was filled with cream and I think lemon, but don’t hold me to that! We were offered plenty more cakes or sandwiches when the plate was empty which is definitely a bonus.

Afternoon tea Fortnum & Mason

A few more cups of tea later I was so full and couldn’t quite manage the trolley full of extra cakes. These looked amazing and so the waiter kindly offered if I wanted to take some home, which was met with a resounding yes and so I took home a piece of the spiced apple cake, which was wrapped in a beautiful ribboned doggy bag.

Fortnum & Mason Afternoon Tea Trolley Cakes

We both had a fabulous afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason, the tea and food was perfect, the setting lovely and we even had a celebrity spot of Joanna Lumley joining us in the Diamond Jubilee.

Afternoon Tea at Fortnum’s is priced at £40 per person with a classic blend tea or £44 per person with a single estate tea. For more info or to book visit Zomato.

Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon at Fortnum & Mason on Urbanspoon

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Forever 21 Spring Haul

March 8, 2015

I’ve been buying quite a bit lately when shopping, I think after London Fashion Week I felt like I needed a major wardrobe overhaul. The weather is slowly starting to change too, which sets me in a bit of a panic as I think I have nothing to wear when clearly I do!

Recently I went to Forever 21 and had a bit of a haul. Forever 21 is so huge, I never know where to start, so I just take a whole load of clothes to the changing room for a try-on session. Specifically I’ve been looking for activewear as I am joining the gym – OMG! So if you want to see what I bought then you can in my new video below!

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