10 Of The Best Places To Instagram In London

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I was standing outside Peggy Porschen in Belgravia and I suddenly realised I was surrounded by the paparazzi. That was of course a paparazzi of Instagrammers. If you saw my Instagram story that day, you will have seen the chaos that surrounded the cake shop. Yep, that’s right they were all clambering over themselves to get the shot in front of the picture perfect pink walls and cupcakes. Now I am not mocking this in the slightest, I have been known to do whatever it takes to try to get that shot sometimes, but it got me thinking how Peggy Porschen has become such a desirable London location and of some of the other Instagram worthy places in London.

So whether you are visiting the City or you live here and looking for some inspiration, here are the hot spots across London that you need for your Instagram feed. Read More »

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ELP Barbershop

ELP Barbershop Review

Amwell Street is a street which is going through a real resurgence at the moment and half way up the hill you will find my new favourite barbers, ELP Barbershop. As you may have read from my other London barber reviews, finding the best barbers in London can be a difficult task, luckily in ELP I have found my go to barbershop in London.

Walking into ELP Barbershop you instantly feel comfortable and you are most likely to be greeted by owner Emma’s playful Staffordshire bull terrier puppy Vinnie, although he doesn’t look all that like a puppy anymore. The shop is contemporary, deliberately stripped back making you relaxed yet with an appreciation of the classic barbershop. They always serve great beverages whether it’s a free hot drink in the morning to a good cold beer in the afternoon and evenings. Read More »

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Dermalogica Expert Active 30 Minute Facial Review

Dermalogica Facial London Review

Last week I decided to try out Dermalogica’s new 30 minute facial at the Liberty treatment rooms. The facial is a quicker version of their Expert Active 60 minute facial, cut down to 30 minutes with less massage and more results. Perfect if you are on the go and don’t have much time. Lunchtime facial anyone?

I was greeted at the counter by the Dermalogica staff, I checked in and filled out a simple form with my skin concerns and what type of products I currently use. For me the main concerns are dehydration and my dryness from eczema. My therapist Natalie recommended we do a very hydrating facial and help give my skin that glow boost I seek also.

The Liberty treatment rooms are located a few floors up from the beauty hall and are decorated in the Liberty style wallpaper, with the Dermalogica room having its own unique design with illustrated bottles on the wall. I tucked myself under the towel and we were ready to start. Read More »

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Does Your Skincare Routine Protect You From Digital Devices?

Murad City Skin Review

How often to you sit in front of a computer or another digital device such as your mobile? If I’m honest I have my phone pretty much glued to my hand. I am one of those people walking down the street not looking up. But did you know that the blue light from these devices can actually be damaging for your skin? Four days in front of a computer is just as damaging to your skin as 20 minutes in the mid-afternoon sun.*

I’ve recently been more aware of skincare for pollution which is essential for living in a smoggy city like London, but blue light is one thing I’ve never really thought about. Environmental damage can accelerate the signs of ageing in the form of wrinkles, lines and pigmentation so it’s important to protect your skin from these aggressors. I’ve recently been trying out Murad’s latest launches which look to protect your skin from all five aggressors; blue light, pollution, infrared radiation and UVA/UVB.

Read More »

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The 10 Hottest Food & Drink Events This Summer

Hottest Food Events London Summer 2017

Things are heating up in London and this summer there are a whole handful of food events going on that any foodie lover won’t want to miss. The Evening Standard have officially called June Food Month and will be hosting a special Night Market, definitely one not to miss. As well as that there are some lovely afternoon teas from designers Sophia Webster and Alex Monroe. Plus don’t miss out on London’s newest floating bar! Read More »

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Fight Fatigue With REN Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium Body Range

Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium Anti Fatigue Body Range

When I came back from Los Angeles in April I was extremely jet lagged. I found it hard to adjust to UK time and just generally felt exhausted. I needed a little pick me up and the new REN body range couldn’t have come at a better time.

REN Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium and is all about de-stressing and encouraging our bodies to function better. Magnesium and anti-oxidants help your cells detox, whilst revitalising and re-energising the skin. Magnesium is a mineral that is easily absorbed through the skin and helps it regain the energy it’s lost from stress. Whilst seaweed has many benefits, mainly used in West Ireland for bathing, but it helps to fight fatigue, stress and the effects of pollution. Read More »

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