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An Interview With Only Child London

March 30, 2015

At London Fashion Week is where I came across the lovely Kelly Jackson and her brand Only Child London. The jewellery collections are eye-catching pieces, either made up of amazing crystals or unique designs such as the popular, born with a silver spoon. Kelly herself gained experience working at Alexander McQueen and also has been featured in numerous top magazines with Only Child. If that wasn’t enough Only Child is loved by top celebs like Ellie Goulding, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. Only Child is looking like the must-have jewellery brand of 2015!

Only Child London

Kelly you are under the spotlight…

Can you tell us more how Only Child came about? How did you choose the name?

I decided to start my own jewellery label after working for a number of fashion brands, mainly hand drawing textile print designs and being a freelance illustrator. When designing prints at Alexander McQueen in 2010 I sat in the accessories department for a few weeks and decided that was the direction I wanted to go in, I’ve always been mad about jewellery and worn a lot of it so it felt like an easy transition for me. After getting some jewellery making experience working with other jewellery designers, I began making my own pieces and ONLY CHILD was born! I’m an only child – I didn’t want to use my own name for the brand so it seemed like a good alternative…and it’s something that I get reminded of a lot!

You have built up a fantastic celeb following including Ellie Goulding, Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora. Who would be your ultimate style icon to be wearing your pieces?

There’s so many! I’ve been lucky enough to have such a great line up of celebrities wearing ONLY CHILD already, there’s the super famous obvious ones like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga etc. We’ve had Kylie Jenner and Solange Knowles request pieces in the past and they’re definitely two people who I’d love to see wearing it. I also really like FKA Twigs & Charlie XCX’s styles so they’d be a dream to have wearing OC.

Celebs wearing Only Child London

How did you find being at the LFW showrooms? Was this your first fashion week?

The BFC Showrooms at LFW are really great, it was my second season showing there and there has been a lot of interest in the collections, we’ve gained a number of high-end stockists like Luisa Via Roma from being there which is fantastic as well as some great press exposure.

It was great to see the new AW15 collection at LFW, what caught my eye was all the amazing bejewelled pieces.  Can you tell us a bit more behind the inspirations for it?

I’m completely obsessed with unusual crystals – both natural and glass, I’ve worked with them right from the beginning. The statement pieces that have had a lot of attention like the Crystal Armour from the SS15 collection and the Frilled Dragon Crystal pieces from the AW15 are definitely the most creative show pieces I’ve designed so far. The inspiration behind the AW15 collection ‘The Reptilian Elite’ was the conspiracy theories surrounding the Illuminati, quite far-fetched ideas about royalty/heads of state being lizard people from another planet – it all sounds ridiculous from the outset but has really made my imagination tick.

Only Child Jewellery AW15

What’s your favourite bespoke piece you have made?

The Crystal Armour pieces (as they are all unique) are probably up there as well as the ‘Ice Crystal’ bespoke capsule collection I designed for a gallery in New York last year, there’s a crystal crown that is definitely one of my all time favourites.

Crystal Armour Only Child London

Aside from jewellery do you see Only Child branching out into other accessories like the jet pack backpack you have on the site?

I would love to explore designing other accessories more, the Jetpack has gone down so well I think it make sense so maybe in the next year or two!

Jetpack Only Child

A Few Favourites:

-Favourite place in London?

The rooftop of my flat in Victoria Park Village.

-Favourite Food?

I eat a lot – Japanese food and probably American BBQ food is my favourite.

-Favourite Drink?

Coffee/Pomegranate Martini.

Only Child London

What’s next for the brand?

Next up we’ve got a really big new stockist, in which I just designed an exclusive collection for being released in May/June and I’m hoping ONLY CHILD will show at Paris Fashion Week next season. I’m also opening a shop in Shoreditch in July called SHOWROOM SHOREDITCH – stocking both ONLY CHILD as well as 25 emerging independent designers which I’m really excited about!

Thanks Kelly, I cannot wait to check out the showroom in the Summer and also to see the exciting collaboration coming up!

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Testing Out Eyebrow Products For Light Brown/Blonde

March 29, 2015

There are so many brow products out there that it really is a hard choice. Not only choosing the correct product but finding your perfect match in the colour. For years I have been using Illamasqua’s Eyebrow Cake in Gaze, it is a powdery product and their angled brush was perfect for putting it on. Recently though I have felt the colour was too dark to match my hair so I wanted to try to find something else. Something that stayed on all day and was as easy to apply. It was a daunting challenge.

Eyebrow Products for light brown and blonde hair

When Illamasqua recently brought out their new Precision Brow Gel, I thought I would give it a try as the colours looked slightly more me and I really like a gel after trying the Stila All Day Brow Gel. I did try the brown in ‘Strike’ at first but then settled for the ‘Awe’ for blondes. I normally go for a medium brown for the brows so was surprised to find the blonde option was a better fit. To make this a fair test I also added in the Eye Of Horus eyebrow define pencil/crayon and the Benefit Gimme Brow gel. So enjoy the video and see me test each product out, my impressions of each and what I think of them as a whole.

Eyebrow Products

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The Folly

March 28, 2015

Breakfast or brunch at The Folly is a serious affair. Of course you will find all the usual, such as scrambled eggs on toast or bacon butties. But if you are up for the challenge you have to try one of their bigger breakfasts. Danny and I did just that last weekend when we went for brunch around 12pm. Inside The Folly it is much larger than its sister restaurants and has two large floors, bars and in general just a really lovely seating area to chill out in on the weekends. Downstairs I can see being very busy on Friday evenings as it is in the Central London area.

The Folly

I started off brunch with a fresh orange juice and Danny decided on a pot of English breakfast tea, I just love those teapots.

Orange Juice at The Folly

Teapot The Folly

The breakfasts to really consider are the ‘Proper London Fully Loaded’ which I went for. This includes grilled sausage, streaky bacon, roasted tomato, mushroom, baked beans, black pudding and two eggs of your choice with unlimited toast. I chose the scrambled eggs and opted for no baked beans, I have a weird thing about them so we shall move on. The toast is unlimited but with it you get plenty, so I never needed to ask for anymore. For £7.95 this is a full on breakfast that will really fill you up!

The Proper London Breakfast The Folly Review

The Folly Proper Loaded Breakfast

Danny decided to do one better and challenge himself to the ‘The London Market Breakfast’. This breakfast has the very best cuts from the butchers Allens of Mayfair and for £15 you won’t quite believe the quality. You will get a 4oz Scottish rump steak, 6oz bacon chop, Londoner sausage, smoky baked beans, field mushrooms, grilled plum tomatoes, two fried eggs, hash browns and fried bread, oh and a big bone full of bone marrow.

London Market Breakfast The Folly

London Market Breakfast The Folly

We weren’t quite expecting the bone marrow when it arrived at the table and I was pretty unsure what to do with it! Danny on the other hand knew to scoop out the marrow. This was a meaty breakfast and Danny actually managed to finish most, I did however steal the pork chop from his plate, which was rather tasty. There was actually no fried eggs on Danny’s serving, which we only realised afterwards when looking back at the menu. Which I’m not too sure why!?

Bone Marrow The Folly

After all the food we enjoyed some of the signature cocktails, a Raspberry Daiquiri and Julep. I then went onto to have maybe the prettiest looking cocktail which was a Skinny Hummingbird Cosmo,this was a twist on the Cosmo with gin and elderflower.

Cocktails The Folly

Raspberry Daiquiri

Julep Cocktail The Folly

The Folly

The Folly

Skinny Cosmo

And I don’t normally take pictures in the toilets but I just couldn’t resist this one. Plus the toilets really are something to been seen, with a tree in the middle.

The Folly

The Folly got busy very quickly which was good to see, but one thing to note is they only do brunch till 2pm on weekends if they have bookings, unlike the menu states online. So make sure you book or head there earlier or you may be left disappointed.

More info and to book visit

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Trevor Sorbie Stay Sharp Hair Clipper Review

March 26, 2015

It’s not something I would recommend many people to do, but home barbering is sometimes a necessary evil for me. When it comes to my hair I am pretty impatient and when growing my hair on the top, I often dislike how thick my hair gets around the sides and the back. I have probably owned around 15 pairs of clippers in all shapes, sizes and prices and having spent a long time in barbers and talking to numerous hairdressers over the years I actually have an interest in hairdressing and the skills that go into it.

Trevor Sorbie Hair Clippers Review

So when I received the Trevor Sorbie Titanium + Ceramic Professional Hair Clippers to review I was pleasantly surprised. It has four detachable combs and also has five different length settings on the clippers themselves, so if you would like a longer length for trimming you can use the adjustable length on the clippers and add the relevant detachable comb to ensure you manage the length.

Trevor Sorbie Hair Clippers Review

Since my recent visit to barbers Gentlemen’s Tonic, I have been trying to grow some length back on top and having my hair cuts high and tight, meaning the length on the sides has usually been a two (6mm) at the barbers and trimming down the sides. After a month or so with varying lengths, typically a five or six (adjusting to 2mm length on the clipper and adding the 4 (12mm) comb) this allows me to take the weight out easily and loosely connect the sides and top so that I can grow out the top in between barber visits.

Trevor Sorbie Hair Clippers

Something what I have found with other clippers that I have tried, is the weight or the shape is not ideal for cutting or trimming your hair. This Trevor Sorbie clipper however is easy to use; it is a good shape in the hand and being lightweight it really is nice and easy, especially being cordless you don’t have an annoying cable to get in the way or to worry about. I have trimmed my hair a few times with the clippers and found them to be everything you might want in clippers for home use. Although these clippers are bigger than my dedicated beard trimmer, the varying lengths are great to keep your beard nice and trim and if you have a real man’s beard it is great to trim a longer fuller beard.

Trevor Sorbie hair Clippers mens Review

I’m far from a trained barber so I would recommend a visit to a good barber or hairdresser, but if you like your hair short or very neat and are a confident with cutting hair at home these light-weight clippers are well worth the money and offers an affordable durable pair of cordless clippers that will last.

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What’s In My Spa Bag?

March 25, 2015

I had never been on a spa day until last year, I know bring out the violins. So when it came to packing everything up for my first spa day, I was sort of left thinking, what do I need to take? There was the obvious things like swimwear but of course you do forget a little beauty thing here or there. It was only from actually going and experiencing a spa myself that I then worked out what I would need to take. Plus each spa varies, you never know quite what you will find in your locker when you get there. Some spas are complete luxury, take ESPA Life at Corinthia for example, where you will find pretty much everything you need in the toiletries department, or at Chuan Spa where they even have ghd straighteners.

What's In My Spa Bag

So whether you are a first time spa goer and puzzled what to take or an experienced goer who fancies a nosy, here is what I pack in my spa bag.

Bag – The bag itself is an all important factor. My first trip I just took my usual handbag but now I pack everything in my Longchamp Le Pliage nylon bag, it’s the perfect size i.e HUGE and just packs everything in so well. I always use this bag when travelling so I’m now counting spas as a mini break too.

Swimwear – I chop and change my swimwear, sometimes I feel more comfortable in a swimsuit but on my last trip I took this brand new bikini from Gossard. The Hot Tropic set has such beautiful colours and is a fantastic fit. Just everywhere you want it to fit it does, the bottoms come in a tie brief or high-waisted, I opted for the high-waisted which really pulls you in at the middle and gives you a great shape. It was perfect when dipping in the pool and jacuzzi and easy enough to untie when getting a massage or facial. I will definitely be packing this for my summer holiday, which we are yet to book, any recommendations welcome!

Gossard Hot Tropic Bikini

Brush – Definitely pack a good brush with you. I’d take a ‘Wet Brush’ which is perfect for brushing hair when wet funnily enough and gets all the tangles out, plus it’s really great for drying it too. I was slightly scared of getting my hair wet as the fear of drying it without all my usual products ( I have the frizziest wavy hair naturally) but this really makes it an easy job. I have a Tangle Teezer and the Wet Brush I have to say is much better, I like the handle it gives a good grip and just seems to get the knots out better.

Headband /Hair Bobbles – I like to get all my hair off my face for using all the facilities like the steam room or jacuzzi. So I always make sure I pack a headband and bobbles to tie it all up.

Wet Brush | What's In My Spa Bag

Perfume/ Scent Spray – After all the relaxation and then a shower, it’s great to leave the spa smelling fresh and happy. I like to pack a small bottle of perfume like this Shay & Blue fragrance in Blood Orange. It is so uplifting and really smells so much of oranges, very fresh and citrus, I just love it!

Moisturiser – I don’t apply any make-up when I leave the spa, so I like to take a moisturiser instead. I have just recently been trying out this Embryolisse Lait-Creme, which has been created by dermatologists in France and now I couldn’t live without it! It is such a fantastic cream, it can be used as a moisturiser, primer, anti-ager, face mask, cleanser and even baby balm so it really is multi-purpose. I have sensitive skin so it’s really good for that and restores skin balance, treats dryness and protects against any environmental damage. Never mind spa bag, this should be in every handbag!

Lip Balm – I normally take a small tin of Vaseline or a lip balm just to keep my lips moisturised after the spa. My favourites at the moment are these Hurraw! lip balm sticks, the coconut flavour is so lovely and is packed with coconut oil. They come in all different flavours and so easy to carry around.

Embryolisse Lait Creme

Deodorant – Definitely pack your deodorant so you can feel fresh after having a shower. Sometimes spas have these but sometimes they might not, so I always pack one. I’m not organised enough to have a little one, but I recommend picking up a travel size one to take with you. My favourite deodorant at the moment is the Garnier Mineral invisible.

Face Wipes – You can’t go wrong with a pack of face wipes to freshen up after treatments or to take off your make-up when you get there if say you were coming from work. I am loving these cucumber hypoallergenic wipes from YesTo, they are packed with green superfoods and are 95% natural and free of parabens. These are great as I don’t always use face wipes but it’s just so much easier at the spa, so I know I’m not upsetting my skin when I use these.

Yes To Cucumber Face Wipes | What's In My Spa Bag

In the spa changing rooms you will find most other things; shower gels and shampoos, cotton buds, toothbrush kit, disposable underwear, headband, soap and shower sponge, robe, slippers – only one time have I had to take my own flip-flops but could be worth checking before you go.

I hope this helps you prepare for your next spa visit and remember, relax and enjoy!

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Sky Garden

March 23, 2015

At the top of 20 Fenchurch Street is where you will find the Sky Garden, London’s highest public garden, taking you into the clouds for spectacular views over London. From outside you would never imagine this exists in the office type building block, but as you exit the lift you are greeted with a whole other world. This is what can only be described as a giant greenhouse and is home to a beautiful garden area, with a bar and cafe to relax in and 360 degree views around the city.

Sky Garden London

Sky Garden London

Sky Garden London

Sky Garden London

Sky Garden View



The LDN Diaries Sky Garden

What I Am Wearing 

Bershka Blanket Cape (old) |  Zara Sweater | ASOS Ridley Jeans (old) | ASH Jalouse Boots (old) | Zara Shoulder Bag | Marc by Marc Jacobs Rocket Science Necklace

Get The Look

Danny Sky Garden

Fenchurch Seafood Bar Sky Garden

There are two restaurants in the Sky Garden, these are the Fenchurch Seafood Bar & Grill and the Darwin Brasserie. In the main section there is also the Sky Pod Bar, which serves up breakfast, lunch and even afternoon tea.When we first arrived it was a very misty Friday over London, so Danny got the drinks in and after cocktail or two and a chocolate brownie the sun started to show itself and the view got all that much better.

Sky Garden

SkyPod Bar Sky Garden

As I waited I loved the fact someone had saved a little space with a cookie for their morning view!

Sky Garden view of The Shard

I opted for a bubbly one and Danny went for a tomato based cocktail.

SkyPod Sky Garden

SkyPod Bar Sky Garden

SkyPod Bar Brownie

SkyPod Bar SkyGarden

The LDN Diaries Sky Garden

Don’t forget to look out but also UP…

Sky Garden London

Sky Garden

The Sky Garden is free to enter, which I think is so good as it offers just as a great a view, if not better in my opinion than that of The Shard which you can see straight across. You also don’t feel rushed to leave and can just enjoy your day taking in the views and enjoying food and drink.

See what you can spot from the views?

Gerkin Building from the Sky Garden

Sky Garden

Sky Garden View London

View from Sky Garden

Sky Garden

Tower of London view from Sky Garden

The Shard from Sky Garden

There are still tickets available for this month and April, but not many, so make sure to book now.