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Brazilian Blow Dry At Colournation

April 27, 2015

It has now been a week since I had my Brazilian blow dry at the Colournation salon near Oxford Street. They had invited me down to try out one of their services and so I opted for the brazilian blow dry, it is something I have always wanted to try and as it lasts for 3-4 months I thought it would be a great beauty treatment pre-holiday.

I’ll start off by describing my type of hair, it is frizzy at the best of times, wavy verging on very curly and never seems to want to stay straight even after a mammoth straightening session. It’s also coloured so it can be dry. Every day I do struggle with my blow-dry, my hair can be very tangled and I like to have it as smooth as possible and then I’ll straighten my hair with my straightening iron – check out my everyday hair routine for a glimpse into my hair battles. A Brazilian blow dry is perfect for someone like me, it gets rid of frizz, however it doesn’t promise to straighten your hair but does helps to make your hair tangle free and much more manageable.

Colournation Salon London review

The Process

I was excited to get started at Colournation and my stylist Dotty went over the treatment with me and how it works and answered any questions I had. I felt really at ease and happy to go ahead with everything. The Brazilian blow dry I was having was using the Nanokeratin system. At Colournation they have two different types and this is the stronger of the two. First up the hair is washed with a shampoo to get rid of any product build up and remove any traces, all in the comfort of the amazing massage chair and some good music. It’s then rough dried and the application of the Nanokeratin begins. This is done section by section and when finished left for 30 minutes. Giving you enough time to catch up on some magazines or in my case, take selfies, until the next part of the treatment

Brazilian blow dry colournation review - The LDN Diaries

Setting The Treatment

The next part is probably the most painstaking part if you are quite impatient. Each section is ironed with a straightening iron and by sections I mean very thin sections. The reason this is, is to seal in the moisture which hydrates the hair. However once it is done, you are ready to go. The hair looked really sleek and shiny and felt very soft after this part. All in all the treatment for me took 3 hours, I have hair below my shoulders and very thick, so it all depends on the type and length of hair, anything from 2-3 hours I’d say.

Brazilian Blow Dry at Colournation London Review

After The Treatment

So now the hair was set, I couldn’t tuck it behind my ears, which was probably the hardest thing as I do this constantly, I couldn’t wash it for 72 hours and/or get it wet. It was a lot easier than I thought, my hair never really got that greasy at the roots just quite lanky from the moisture they had applied to it. On the last day I couldn’t wait to wash my hair but was also scared in case the uber sleek locks would be gone.


Finally after washing my hair with the special sodium chloride free shampoo and conditioner, which you must use after having this treatment, my hair was not even curling when wet. The blow-dry was so super easy, it wasn’t tangled and I didn’t even need to try too hard to make it dry straight, it just was. It felt very smooth, soft and I couldn’t believe I didn’t need to run the straighteners over it. A week later I am still so impressed, hair looks the same and is very easy to manage. I can still curl it and add product to it if I wanted but at the moment I am just loving the frizz-free hair and also the straightness. I wasn’t expecting my hair to stay straight as it wasn’t promised with this type of treatment but luckily mine has.

If you fancy giving a Brazilian Blow Dry a go, prices start from £150 at Colournation and be sure to ask for Dotty she’s fab.

Brazilian blow dry review - The LDn Diaries

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VIDEO – Spring/Summer 15 Haul

April 26, 2015

I admit it, I love shopping and I love to buy online, so when we recently booked our holiday to Greece, I was straight online and in the shops buying some summer holiday pieces and getting distracted by other bits and bobs along the way. We might not be going away until June, but I always find when I leave the holiday shopping till late, there is nothing good left. The new season has been in shops for quite a few weeks now and I am loving what I am finding. Therefore I’ve put together a little haul video, showing some pieces I have been buying recently from Topshop, Primark, Boohoo, Little Mistress and New Look.

I hope it helps inspire your Spring/Summer shopping and look out for a Part Two coming soon (I just can’t stop buying!)

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Shop The Video

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Men’s Grooming – Everyday Shaving Routine

April 24, 2015

I am one of those guys who loves to hate shaving, being dark haired and pretty hairy I tend to have to shave every couple of days to look presentable. I have had a trim beard for the last five years so shaving could be worse but still can be a chore. I am often asked about what products I use shaving so I thought I would break down the products and my routine.

Mens Grooming Everyday Shave Routine

I always start by steaming my face with a hot flannel soaked in hot water, this open the pours and I have always found it helps my skin prepare for shaving.

Pre Shave

I am currently using Kiehl’s Men’s Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Face Wash, as the name suggests it is great to help reduce the oil in my skin. The exfoliator has very fine visible grains in it, crushed apricot seeds to be precise and helps to clean away sweat and excess oil. I have sensitive skin especially around my eyes and forehead and it works great for me. As you would expect from a Kiehl’s product, it is oil and sulphate free, which can be important for those who might suffer from oily skin.

Men Kiehls Oil Eliminator Oil review

It is easy to wash off and is not overly sticky like some others I have used. A little heads up, a little goes quite far so just be careful, as you do not have to be liberal like with many other products.


I use a manual razor all the way, I find razors provide a much better and closer shave, especially with my beard you can control what you are shaving off. After washing away the exfoliant, I apply the Gillette Fusion Sensitive 2 in1 Active Sport Shave Gel to my damp face; it is 90% transparent so you can see what you are shaving. It is easy to shave with, easily washed off and it smells great.

Gillette Flexball Razor Review

I have also recently moved over to the latest Gillette manual razor, the Fusion ProGlide with Flexball. If you have seen the TV advert, it definitely does what it suggests. If you have facial hair or constantly freshly shaved you will like the “flexural” head. It allows you to shave naturally and not worry about cuts, razor burn or tugging hair out instead of shaving. What I like about this razor is it has five fine blades giving you a super smooth finish and if you are a perfectionist like me you can turn the razor round for the precision trimmer to shape you beard or side burns.

Gillette Flexball Razor Review

After finishing shaving I use the flannel to remove any remaining gel and freshen up my facial for the next step.

Post Shave

This is my favourite part of shaving, cooling my face and using the great Kiehl’s Facial Fuel moisturiser, facial fuel has been my go to after-shave product of choice for a few years since Paula bought me it as a present. Facial Fuel is enriched with caffeine and vitamins, so it really does feel like it gives your face a boost and cools from shaving. As I mentioned earlier I have sensitive skin and it definitely cools down any razor burn and like the exfoliating cream it smells great and can leave your face moist all day. I actually tend to use it all over my face and neck and cannot recommend the facial fuel enough. It is not the cheapest on the market but definitely the best I have ever used.

Kiehls Mens Facial Fuel Review

If you are aeging or worried about showing aeging, I recommend checking out the Kiehl’s toner too. I use it twice a week and really does work before using facial fuel.

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AMBAM – A Social Network For Londoners

April 23, 2015

Whenever I hear there is a new social network, I sort of panic. Being a blogger I pretty much have to be on them all and dedicating time to these can be pretty time-consuming. Do I put more effort into one than the other, which is going to be more beneficial? I had ruled out Facebook quite a while ago, as I just don’t use it that much anymore, but everyone else does, so it’s an invaluable tool that I just can’t get rid of.  When I heard about AMBAM I panicked, but I shouldn’t have needed to as it’s a totally different kind of social network.

AMBAM is a social network started by Londoners Jessica Ellis and Tom Hankin for like-minded Londoners. It enables you to connect to people in your city, whether it be for jobs, sharing of ideas, to find a flatmate or to pick up a few rewards along the way, it is everything London.

AMBAM London

You can sign up to circles, so for me I am in the North London circle, fashion as well as food and a few others. The best part as I mentioned is you can reap rewards. There are deals on AMBAM from lots of London restaurants, events and more. Take for instance currently 10% off at one of my favourites Yeah! Burger and 15% off at SMITHS for the foodie in you, for beauty lovers snap up £10 off nails at The Painted Lady and fun followers get 10% off at the Pillow Cinema – a must in my opinion!

AMBAM LondonI have just signed up and am looking pretty lonely (insert desperate plea for friends on a whole new platform). To sign up for free head to and find me by clicking here to my profile.

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001 Skincare Silk Skin Mask & Rosa Damascena Essence Mist

April 22, 2015

If there was one word that could describe 001 skincare for me, it would be elegance. This Asian-inspired skincare brand was created by aromatherapist and beauty therapist Ada Ooi. Ada grew up in Hong Kong and was surrounded by the traditional apothecary methods used by her elders to restore health to the skin, body and mind. With this in mind and now living in London she wanted to create skincare that would take these principles but work within our modern lifestyles and urban environments and ‘return skin to a state of natural equilibrium’.

Living in London, I myself feel my skin really suffers from the busy lifestyle, the everyday stresses and of course the pollution around us in the city. 001 skincare has a range of products that my skin has pretty much been crying out for. Such as the Omega-rich marine algae concentrate which helps to strengthen the skins hydro-lipid barrier or the anti-oxidant rich cream with plenty of Vitamin E.

001 Skincare Rosa Damascena Essence Mist

I gave the Silk Skin Mask Sheets and the new Rosa Damascena Essence Mist a try. These mask sheets are so fine and make sure that any product applied is really soaked into the skin and in turn enables a deep hit of hydration. For me this is something that is so important, I do suffer from dry skin, but more in patches than all over and also recently the real misconception that I had was that my skin was dry, when in actual fact it is dehydrated. They are both similar but in fact very different so really easy to think you have one or the other when it comes to skin concerns.

001 Skincare Silk Skin Masks

Each mask is made of natural silk fibres which contain natural proteins that can be identified by our skin. This creates a regenerating effect that enables it to guide the complementing products nutritive ingredients to be infused into the skin. I have never tried using a silk mask before so it was a completely new experience for me. You only need a small amount of product in the mask and they retain maximum moisture.

001 Skincare review

With the mask I used the 001 Rosa Damascena Essence Mist which contains 98% rose water. This mist really helps to hydrate the skin. You can use it on its own too, either over make-up or after cleansing to tone, so it has plenty purposes. To use with the mask I took one of the silk masks from the pack and removed the outer layer. Then placed it into the container which comes with the masks. Poured in a little of the Rosa Damascena Essence Mist and then made sure it was soaked in the product. Then with the blue side facing out place the mask on your face. Take off the blue part and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

001 skincare Damascena Essence Mist review

The Rosa Damascena Essence Mist is a great one to use with these as it will instantly give your skin moisture, leaving it looking toned, smooth and brightened. Plus the smell is super lovely, you can really sit back and relax in these. I really enjoyed using the silk skin masks, they are so easy and there is no faffing about with creams and then getting it everywhere. It’s quick to apply and put on and there is no need to wash anything off, just rub any additional product in. It feels so light at first I felt like I really needed more product on it, but it only needs a little to leave your skin feeling so refreshed.

The 001 Silk Skin Sheet Masks are £35 for a pack of 10 and the Rosa Damascena Essence Mist (£48 for 100ml £28 for 30ml). Both products are available from and also from the new beauty department at Fortnum & Mason.

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Everyday Hair Routine

April 21, 2015

My everyday hair routine is really simple, I have so much hair being thick and long that I tend to do the easiest thing possible. Blow-dry it, straighten it and out the door! I know I should do more but I am definitely one of those people who is always rushing to get ready – even when I know I have time, I leave it to the last-minute! I love doing nice curly looks with my hair, but find I end up doing this when I am going out or have more time. So I thought I would share with you my everyday hair products that I use for my everyday hair look.

I start off with washing my hair with a sulphate-free shampoo & conditioner. I have recently been using the Leo Bancroft shampoo and conditioner, which are £4 each from Tesco. They are absolutely fab and ever since I have been using sulphate-free I have noticed my hair seems to last a bit longer and I don’t need to wash it every day. These leave my hair so soft and looking squeaky clean.

Leo Bancroft Sulphate Shampoo & Conditioner

Whilst my hair is wet I use products to help give it a bit more ease when drying. I swear by this Color WOW Speed-Dry Blow Dry Spray £16.50. You spray it on whilst hair is towel-dried and it just helps to speed up the blow-dry process. I am not sure how this spray works, all I know is it does. My hair is really thick and takes ages to dry so anything to help with that is a god in my opinion. I also try to add a bit of volume to my roots so that whilst I like it straight, I don’t like it to hang down too much. For that I use this John Frieda Volume Lotion Spray currently £3.99 at Boots. I lift up the roots and spritz underneath. I’ll then dry my hair with a big barrel brush like this one from Boots and try to dry my hair as sleek as possible and get all the kinks out.

Everyday Hair Routine Straight Thick hair

To keep it smooth and ultra straight I of course use a straightener. I have just converted to this Richard Ward Glamoriser Nano-Diamond straightener £90 from my ghd’s. I always thought ghd was the best straightener out there, but now I have been proven wrong. It has varying heat levels on it from 130 degrees to 235 degrees, which is great for all different types of hair and makes my hair so lovely and sleek, plus it feels soft to the touch, much more than the ghd makes my hair. I was so impressed with this one and love the glitter effect on it too.

Using Richard Ward Glamoriser

I also spray some dry shampoo in my hair after washing, just a little. It seems to give it a bit more oomph and also helps to last those extra days. I’m loving Toni & Guy’s Classic Perfect Tease Dry Shampoo £7.49 right now, it doesn’t leave a white residue on the hair like Batiste does and so is great for all different hair colours.

Richard Ward Glamoriser & Toni & Guy Dry ShampooJust yesterday I experienced a Brazilian blow-dry treatment, which I am looking forward to filling you in on and seeing the results in a couple of days. My everyday routine will probably stay the same as above, apart from I have special shampoo to use to keep the keratin in my hair and I probably won’t be needing the straighteners as much. I am excited to see how it turns out!