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A First Date Outfit For Men

November 13, 2014

This is a special edition of my LDN Date Guide as I have been asked by to put together an outfit I think would work well for a guy for his first date. Challenge accepted!

First things first with a date, it’s hard to decide on an outfit without seeing the man in question, gauge his style, his quirks. Not to mention where the date will be, do you go casual or smart. Well I always think that old smart casual trick works best so that’s exactly what I have went for in this outfit.

Outfit For A Guy For A First Date


 Jumper £34.99 | Skinny Fit Trousers £19.99 | Shirt £14.99 | Cashmere Scarf £34.99 | Brogue Boots £34.99

I started to pair together items and then realised they were all actually from H&M. So well done H&M on some fantastic menswear.  I paired this grey cashmere blend jumper with these skinny fit trousers, I love the patches on the elbows and it’s an easy jumper to layer up with and so I have chosen a plain white shirt for underneath. For a date always go for a smarter shoe rather than a trainer unless you are going somewhere casual. This time I’ve compromised and went with a smart boot. I love these boots there are smart but really fashionable at the same time. To finish the outfit I have added a classic navy cashmere scarf. Mannequins In Window

Now here is the fun part, this week two mannequins have been placed in a shop in Brick Lane for three days which are exact replicas of two real life men, Keron and Michael who are looking for dates. You can click-through to their profiles on to learn more about them and you also have the power to vote for them to wear my outfit on their first date by voting in the Twitter competition. If they go with my outfit you are entered into the prize draw to win shopping vouchers. There are 2 x £50 and 1 x £75 up for grabs!


Head to Twitter now to vote for my outfit ‘The Minimalist‘ and hopefully win yourself some shopping vouchers and if you are single, maybe a date with the lucky men in question!?

All you have to do is vote for my outfit by clicking the link below to Match UK’s Twitter and clicking on my outfit, then tweet out the tweet that pops up to confirm your vote. The competition runs from now until Monday 17th.

Good Luck!



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Christian Louboutin Nail Polish – Pops Nova

November 13, 2014

Last week Danny and I celebrated our three-year anniversary with a fabulous afternoon tea which I can’t wait to share with you soon, but Danny also bought me a lovely treat in the form of one of the Christian Louboutin nail polishes! I have been adoring these polishes from a far ever since they came out and now I have my very own. I am a very happy lady.

The Christian Louboutin nail polishes are a work of art in themselves, just look at the bottle. It has a long handle that is modelled on the heel of the shoe and even on the inside it is red under the lid, just like the sole of the shoe. Just be careful not to poke your eye out when using it, this is a mighty weapon!

Christian Louboutin Pops Nova Review

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Pops Nova

There are three different collections in the polishes, Nudes, Noirs and Pops. This purple is called Nova and is from the vibrant Pops collection which are all bright colours such as orange, yellow and green and this lovely purple.

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Pops Nova

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Purple Nova

I couldn’t wait to try it so painted my nails before we headed for afternoon tea. The brush was a great size and made for a really easy application, it built up the colour nice and easily and smoothly too. I love this shade of purple as it’s bright but more on the darker side of the purple spectrum. It also stayed on very well too.

Christian Louboutin Pops Nova

The Christian Louboutin nail polishes are a tad pricey at £36 each but definitely a great Christmas present. Buy yours now from Selfridges online.

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The Happenstance

November 11, 2014

I have been putting up with a cold for the past few days, a big old nasty cold! So on Sunday there was only one thing for it, a good hearty roast dinner/lunch! The Happenstance is located just next to St Paul’s cathedral and is the perfect spot exactly just for that. Owned by the Drake & Morgan collective who also own The Fable bar I visited recently, The Happenstance has the same sort of interior, fantastic food and service and quirky cocktails.

We started off with a couple of glasses of bubbly, as you do on a Sunday afternoon. I swear alcohol is good for a cold, no? Oh well! It definitely felt that way. I really like the interior of The Happenstance, it just looks beautiful and we had some really big comfy chairs to sit in which was great for a relaxing Sunday lunch. They also have blankets by your side in case you get cold, urm how thoughtful!? I loved it!

The Happenstance

The Happenstance

The Happenstance

The Happenstance St Pauls


The LDN Diaries

I knew exactly what I was going to order so went straight to main for the beef roast, complete with vegetables, yorkshire pudding, red wine gravy and roast potatoes. The beef comes rare so do ask before you order, I got mine medium done and with creamed horseradish. I loved the way it was presented, with vegetables on the side. There is nothing worse than trying to dodge some peas around a roast. Thankfully no peas in sight. My favourite the Yorkshire pudding was HUGE. I have a slight Yorkshire pudding addiction and this was just, wow! Plus call me weird but I am not the biggest fan of roast potatoes, apart from these ones, they were so crispy and just perfect, I could have eaten a whole serving more. With my roast I also ordered a passionfruit mojito which came in a jar glass and was delicious!

Roast Lunch at The Happenstance

Roast Beef at The Happenstance

Passionfruit Mojito

Danny chose the chicken roast with lemon and thyme, which was half a chicken and as you can see was pretty massive! Again with the same trimmings that I had, it looked amazing. Both tasted really good and very filling.

Roast chicken at The Happenstance

I wasn’t sure if I could fit in a dessert but well there is always room isn’t there? They have the same desserts as previous at The Fable so I was very tempted again with the wagon wheel but chose the chocolate brownie instead with ice cream, which was lovely and Danny had the winterberry crumble with ice cream, which was a very generous portion, Note do not touch the pan like I did!

Chocolate Brownie and Ice Cream

Winterberry Crumble and Ice Cream

We finished up our lunch with a couple more cocktails, I had the Skinny Goldfish In A Bag which actually comes in a bag, I was dying to see what it was going to be like so I was a bit disappointed they had run out of bags and it was in a glass instead. Danny had the All That Glitters is Gold cocktail, which came in a teapot! I love the quirks they have for their drinks. We actually ended up swapping drinks as the goldfish one was a bit strong for me.

Winterberry crumble

Goldfish In A Bag

After having a great experience at The Fable I was hoping The Happenstance would be just as good and it was. I really enjoyed the food and the setting and it was the perfect spot for brunch. The main restaurant area is really big as well, so I would definitely check that out too. I left doing my ‘happy dance’ out of The Happenstance. It totally sounds the same right!?

For more details on The Happenstance visit the site at

Happenstance on Urbanspoon

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His & Hers – Christmas Jumpers

November 11, 2014

So on Saturday I was in Selfridges, which has the best Primark stuff don’t you know? They had all the Christmas jumpers out, I couldn’t decide between the fluffy penguin or the Bambi that lit up, yes I did say a jumper that lights up, but I went for the penguin. Normally we wear them on Christmas Eve but this one is so cute, I just know I will have it on as soon as December starts. I feel this year everyone has gone Christmas jumper mad already! However all for a good cause as at Old Street station today the first pop-up christmas jumper store will open from Beyond Retro, from 8am to 8pm pick up a jumper treat and £1 goes to the Save The Children fund in support of the Christmas Jumper Day campaign on December 12th.

Here are some of my favourite Christmas jumpers I have come across so far on the high-street, let’s face it the tackier the better, so make sure you have yours ready!

Christmas Jumpers Men 2014

HIS – L to R River Island Blue Snowman Jumper | New Look Elf & Safety Jumper |Boohoo Hands Up Deetroit JumperBoohoo Snowmies Red Jumper | George Penguin JumperRiver Island Pull My Cracker Jumper

Christmas Jumpers Women 2014

HERS – L to R  Boohoo Holla Dayz Jumper | Boohoo Filthy Animal Jumper Fashion Union Elfie Jumper | George Light Up Reindeer Jumper | Frozen Olaf Jumper | George Team Santa Jumper w/ headband

I think most of these jumpers can be mix and matched anyway. Like last year I went for a men’s one in a small size, happy jumper shopping!

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An Interview WIth Cinderela B

November 10, 2014

I discovered Cinderela B jewellery when I attended a recent event and lucky for me inside the goodie bag was the most beautiful gold bee bracelet from Cinderela B. This then led me to looking on the website and admiring everything on it! Cinderela B was started by owner Rachel Jackson who in 2006 after a life changing trip round the world was so inspired by the culture of Brazil and the people she had met that she decided to follow her passion and dreams and start her own jewellery label. Each piece has a bit of an exotic feel with birds, pineapples and butterflies and I absolutely love the Liberty print wrap bracelets. I spoke to Rachel more about her passions and how she got started.

Rachel you are under the spotlight…

Rachel Jackson Cinderela B

I love to see people who have a dream and then follow it, why was jewellery the dream for you?  

I love jewellery… designing it, creating it and wearing it.  I’ve always enjoyed using it to add that finishing touch to an outfit, however it wasn’t just the creative element of having a jewellery business that inspired me to set up Cinderela B, it was about doing something a bit different, something challenging where I was always learning and something i loved doing every day.  I feel like life is short AND you spend so much time at work, that it’s really important to enjoy it.  

Your designs feature motifs such as pineapples, bees, birds and butterflies. Where do you take your inspiration from for new collections?  

Brazil is where my inspiration stems from so there are many tropical references across the range.  

Pineapple necklace Cinderela B

What do you like most about your job?  

The people I work with and the variety of things I have done in order to run the business successfully.

The Liberty print bracelets are beautiful, what made you decide to use prints from Liberty’s in your designs?

Thank you!  I have loved Liberty of London for many years and buying their fabric means I get to visit the store regularly! Their prints are gorgeous and they work for us because they add colour to the range and they give us a point of difference over other jewellery brands.  It’s always been a dream to work with Liberty and i’m absolutely thrilled to reveal that one of our bracelet designs will be featured in their Flowers of Liberty collection in the new year.

Cinderela B Liberty Print Bracelets

Who would you most like to see wearing Cinderela B?  

Alexa Chung.

Personally do you prefer to wear silver or gold jewellery, or both!?  

Both actually!  I’m loving the mixed metal trend at the moment. 

Your visit to Brazil played a big part in creating Cinderela B, where else do you like to travel?  

I have travelled extensively and i have to say that south America has a special place in my heart.  I love south-east Asia too. Japan is somewhere I have never travelled to and I would love to go there at some point.

Cinderela B Jewellery

What’s your secret spot in London?  

My secret spot is Clissold park in Stoke Newington.  

Any advice for fellow jewellery designers looking to make their mark in the industry?  

Make sure you have a point of difference, be prepared to work hard, be confident and never give up. 

That is some great advice Rachel thankyou and really exciting about the bracelet being featured in Liberty’s! Find more from Cinderela B over on the website at

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Splurge vs Steal – White Fur Trim Dress

November 8, 2014

Ever since I saw Victoria Beckham wearing her own white fur trim dress I was obsessed. So when I was out shopping down Oxford Street today I was excited to see two copies of the dress on the high street. It was so busy in town today, Oxford Street is always pretty packed but I think people are definitely out Christmas shopping. It was so hard to find what I wanted and I much, much prefer shopping online!

Anyways back to the dresses here is the gorgeous Victoria Beckham dress, it’s a crepe white dress, with mid-length sleeves, gold chain neckline and feather fur trim and will set you back a mere £2,100…I’ll just let you sink that in!

Victoria Beckham White Fur Trim Dress

Save yourself £2,045 with this version from Topshop £55 on the left, which I must say seeing this in real-life its a dead ringer for the VB one albeit a more cream colour than pure white. It has the same mid-length sleeves and I love the faux fur trim, add yourself a gold chain necklace and it’ll be exactly the same. If that wasn’t enough Red Herring at Debenhams have also come up with their own dupe. Also in a crepe fabric, it has a slightly shorter sleeve and a bit, more fur round the bottom. This dress is £45.

Victoria Beckham fur dress copies

Will you be splurging or stealing? I know which I will be!