Highline, New York

How to walk the Highline New York

For my New York trip I thought I’d just bring you some of my favourite parts and little guides to them, rather than sharing what I did every day, I mean no one needs to know that I didn’t go to a cool deli and actually ended up in Starbucks one day for lunch, those Hibiscus Refresha drinks though right? So just like the Brooklyn Bridge the Highline was another thing I really wanted to see this time around. It was also something I didn’t know much about, how do you get on it, what is there to do, how long does it take? I thought I’d share what I found out so you can make the best of your own Highline walk. Read More »

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Brooklyn Bridge, New York

How to walk the Brooklyn Bridge

After visiting Bite Lip Lab on our last day in New York, we had to try to fit in the Brooklyn Bridge. I had wanted to cross the bridge on the Monday as it was a lovely and sunny day, but shopping overtook my plans, what can you do eh? So Tuesday was our last day and so it had to be done. On my last couple of trips to New York I never did the Brooklyn Bridge or the Highline so this trip, both had to happen. Read More »

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Bite Lip Lab, New York

Bite Beauty Lip Lab NYC Review

When I was looking for recommendations for things to do in New York I ended up down the rabbit hole on the Internet and saw so many people recommending going to Bite Lip Lab. I hadn’t actually ever heard of Bite Beauty or the ‘Lip Lab’ so I spent the evening researching what was only to be the best find. Bite Beauty have a whole range of cosmetics and is available in Sephora which I saw once I got to New York, but the most different thing is the Lip Lab.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab is situated in Soho in New York and lets you create your own lipstick – let’s take a second for that to sink in. I was super excited about this and so made an appointment straight away. Their appointments book up fast, given this was about a month ahead, so I recommend booking as far in advance as you can. You can do a 1 to 1 appointment, or take a group of girl friends, which could be a fun day out.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen I visited the Lip Lab on the last day of our trip, the lab was quiet and there was only one other lady having an appointment at the time so it didn’t feel too busy or rushed. Because it was quiet, I asked Danny to sit in with me, so he could give a second opinion on the colours. Read More »

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Sunset At Top of The Rock

Top of the Rock New York

I have only been to New York twice before and even if it was more, I would still consider myself a tourist. There is so much to see and do that you might not have done before and going to the top of the Rockefeller Center or ‘Top of the Rock’ was one to do things I can now cross off. I had been to the top of the Empire State Building but never the Rockefeller Center and now I have, I would definitely recommend it, as a bit like in Paris when we went up to the top of the Montparnasse Tower you got a view of the Eiffel Tower rather than being on it and this is the same for the Rockefeller, you can see the Empire State Building in all it’s glory, as well as fantastic views over Central Park, the city and beyond.

Here are some top tips if you are also planning a visit to the Top of the Rock. Read More »

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