Coney Island, Brooklyn

Coney Island Wonder Wheel

Stepping off the tube at Coney Island you feel like you have left New York behind and you’ve jetted off to the seaside. You wouldn’t ever think New York had a beach and when you head to Coney Island, you definitely don’t feel like you are in New York anymore.

So where is Coney Island? It’s Southern Brooklyn, so right at the bottom if you were looking at Google Maps. Read More »

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New York & Michael Bublé

Well if that title doesn’t draw you in, then sorry you may as well leave now, please shut the door behind you quietly.

So I have decided to start not also doing my weekly sit down video but adding some vlogs into the mix. So what better way to start than filming my trip to New York with some super babes and Michael Bublé, ok he wasn’t actually on our trip with us, but we went to NYC for the Michael Bublé fragrance launch party and got to see the man himself up close and personal. Read More »

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Michael Bublé By Invitation Launch New York

Michael Buble By Invitation Launch

Sometimes in blogging you get those ‘pinch me’ moments where I can’t believe some of the things I get the opportunity to do. Last week when I headed to New York for an evening with Michael Bublé for his perfume launch, it was one of those moments.

Now before I get to the evening of the launch, I want to talk to you about the perfume itself. Admittedly I have never bought into the celebrity fragrance launches, you wouldn’t see me rushing out to buy the latest Britney or Lady Gaga fragrance, so I was pleasantly surprised by the Michael Bublé fragrance. Read More »

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Starskin Artist FX Makeup Applicator Demo

Have you ever wanted that flawless skin look that you see on Instagram? Even if that is all ‘filters’, I have the perfect secret to that look!

For the last few weeks I have been using Starskin’s Artist FX make-up applicator, this tool recreates the patting effect that top make-up artists use to apply foundation and other make-up, such as concealer and blush. However in a much quicker and easier way than patting your sponge for hours on end. Read More »

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Mix Up Your Look With Pixi MultiBalms

Pixi multibalm review

For my travels this week in New York I wanted to cut down my make-up bag a little and only take what I really needed. Being summer in New York at the moment and extremely hot, I wasn’t planning on wearing too much during the day and that’s when Pixi’s multi-balms were ideal for my trip away. They are a 2 in 1 product that lets you use the balm on your lips and cheeks and I’m sure eyes could work as well. Easy to pop in your bag for a touch up and I love the cream texture as I find cream products tend to stay on much more for me in the heat. Read More »

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Does Your Foundation Have SPF?

Tinted moisturisers with SPF

Well mine doesn’t. I have always had a foundation with an SPF that was until I was converted to Armani Luminous Silk and basically nothing can replace it, but it does not have SPF. So in the hotter summer months instead of foundation I have been reaching for one of these products. They work great on their own or even under foundation for an extra polished finished, which no doubt I’ll be doing as the colder months creep in. I’ve never been a fan of just putting SPF on my face, so these formulas are ideal for me and also give a gorgeous flawless look too so perfect for everyday wear.

A recent study conducted by global leaders in skin cancer research at the University of Queensland, found that the daily application of SPF 30+ on 903 adults under 55 years of age showed no detectable increase in skin ageing after 4 1/2 years. So there is no better time to start applying SPF now, if you don’t already. Read More »

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