London Cocktail Week – Make Your Own Pineapple Mojito

The P-Ho Diaries Pineapple Mojito

This week saw London took over by London Cocktail Week. Cocktail week involves a whole list of bars across London offering cocktails for just £4, various events and of course lots of cocktails. I got involved on Monday night, when I stayed the night at the Novotel Hotel which was one of the sponsors of cocktail week and I also attended a cocktail masterclass at the Doubletree Hilton hotel. The course was entitled ‘A Masterclass in Jail’ as the hotel itself has old cells in the bar. So Danny and I had the chance to learn and also carry out our own cocktail making. We learnt the classic cocktails, Mojito, Martini, Bellini and of course every girl’s favourite a Cosmopolitan, which was actually harder than I thought to make, let’s say I’m not the best and lighting an orange peel on fire!

However as Cocktail Week comes to an end I thought I’d have a go at my new-found skills I’d just learnt and try out a Pineapple Mojito from the cocktail book we were given at the masterclass. Get some ingredients and give it a go along with me, go on!

The P-Ho Diaries Pineapple Mojito

For a  P-Ho Diaries Pineapple Mojito, you will need…

1 lime

12 mint leaves

8 pineapple chunks,

4 teaspoons brown sugar

4 measures golden rum

Some crushed ice and pineapple juice

2 Highball Glasses, a Muddling Stick, cocktail shaker

The P-Ho Diaries Pineapple Mojito

Step 1: Cut the lime into wedges and muddle together using your muddle stick with the mint leaves.

The P-Ho Diaries Pineapple Mojito

The P-Ho Diaries Pineapple Mojito

Step 2: Add in pineapple chunks and sugar to the bottom of the cocktail shaker with the muddled lime and mint.

The P-Ho Diaries Pineapple Mojito

The P-Ho Diaries Pineapple Mojito

Step 3:  Pour in your golden rum and crushed ice, then shake.

The P-Ho Diaries Pineapple Mojito

Step 4:  Pour into highball glasses and top up with crushed ice. Top up with pineapple juice or if you prefer your Mojito not as sweet add in some soda water instead. Decorate with pineapple chunk and mint sprig.

Step 5 : Enjoy!

The P-Ho Diaries Pineapple Mojito

WIN your own cocktail book with over 200 recipes!

I picked up an extra cocktail book on my class, which includes over 200 cocktail recipes to try out and one of you can win it in my cocktail week giveaway. Just follow the easy steps on Rafflecopter to be in with a chance! One winner will be chosen after the closing date on the 19th October 2013 midnight.

Good Luck!

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  • Raspberry Cobbler

  • Tracy Nixon

    I would love to make a Baileys Chocolat Luxe –

  • Yours looks absolutely delicious as I am partial to a mojito definitely!!! YUMMY-
    would love to be able to do cocktails at home as well when I fancy a night in but a nice drink that isn’t a cold beer!!!

    • P-Ho

      I know this book is so great as I never know where to start with cocktails!

      • Same! I usually go for the whole pre made or mixed… which is pretty bad really because I just give up! I’m just having a sneaky peek at where you stayed over night, little bit jealous haha! Thanks for sharing by the way xx

        • P-Ho

          The only thing with cocktails is you need so many different things, I need an in-house bar ha ha x

  • laura banks

    something with baileys in

  • Rachel

    I love all cocktails but would love to make one with passionfruit as a base like a margarita (frozen of course!)

    • P-Ho

      Yum passion fruit is one of my favs!

  • Karen Barrett

    Sex on the Beach only because it’s the only name of a cocktail I can think of!

  • I’d love to make a strawberry daquiri- that’s my favourite!

  • chambord & champagne

    • P-Ho

      Such a good one, love this!

  • Charlotte Fletcher

    Strawberry Daiquiri :)

  • Ashleigh

    French martini!

  • Emma

    I am definitely partial to a mojito! This looks scrummy, and like I’d definitely drink too many :)

  • Anneka Hulse

    it had to be the Mojito love these yummy would be great to create these on girly nights in

  • iain

    Raspberry Cobbler

  • sofia


  • Amy Ripley

    Raspberry Cobbler

  • Cosmopolitan

  • Bev B

    Would like to learn to make a Tequila Sunrise that looks as it should!

  • cheryl lovell

    A proper pina colada!

  • An MSO!

    • P-Ho

      What’s that? X

  • Anything with gin in

  • A Cosmopolitan!

  • Lyndsey B

    I need to perfect the art of the caiparinhia

  • definitely strawberry daiquiris!

  • Katrina Day-Reilly

    sex on the beach

  • katie skeoch

    a woo woo!!

  • jodie harvey

    would love to try and make a Tequila Sunrise, ive never really made many cocktails so this book would come in very handy for me :) xx

  • Mark Whittaker

    I love Long Island Iced Tea, though the fact it tastes like a soft drink is dangerous

  • hannah

    I love mojitos

  • Deborah Wheeler

    Raspberry Mojito

  • Rosalind Blight

    mmmm blue lagoon

  • we make frogs orgasams, blue curaso, orange juice n vodka …yum

  • Jayne B

    Daiquiri as per El Floridita in Havana!

  • cathyj

    black russian

  • When I was on holiday in South Africa I had a cocktail called a June bug, is was divine, wish I could recreate it!

  • julie baxter

    the only one i know how to make at the moment is sex on the beach :)

  • Janine Atkin

    i dont know how to make any cocktail so id love to learn any! and surprise my friends

  • Strawberry Mojito!! :)

  • David Jackson

    Raspberry Cobbler

  • emma speers

    I love passionfruit daquiris!

  • nicola barter

    Mojitos are my fave :)

  • Sam Furniss

    A Zombie!