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Kinky Boots

Matt Henry (Lola) and Angels in Kinky Boots - photo Matt Crocket

Kinky Boots has finally come to London’s West End. When I was in New York last year I kept seeing the posters and billboards for Kinky Boots everywhere and toyed with the idea of seeing it. Sadly I never had the time in my visit and now finally it’s in London. I was so excited for this musical, even though I didn’t know that much about it. However with Cyndi Lauper doing the music and lyrics I knew of course it would be very catchy affair.

Last week Danny and I were lucky enough to catch a preview and it lived up to all my expectations. Based on a true story Kinky Boots tells the tale of Price & Sons shoe factory, a dwindling business in Northampton. Where after his father dies, Charlie Price looks set to take the reins of the factory. With profits the lowest they had been in years, Charlie faces closing the factory down, until he meets Lola, a drag entertainer who puts him on the path to success with the in-demand need for heels for men, ‘Lola’s Kinky Boots’. Read More »

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