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Best Hot Spots For Bumping Into Your Future Badoo Date


London has a population of over 8.7 million people, which to get your head round it is over ninety Wembley Stadiums full. Too much math? Let’s get to something simpler, dating. Oh wait.

For some reason dating in London could possibly be one of the hardest cities to meet someone, that was until now. With 60 million monthly active users, Badoo is the largest dating app in the world and one of the cool features of the app is that it enables you to ‘bump into’ someone. Do you ever get the same train every morning and quite fancy that guy in the carriage, yet you’d never pluck up the courage to talk to him? Do you sit in Starbucks all day pondering the meaning of life? Or maybe you walk the same way to the gym each day. Well now you can use those opportunities to find someone who does just that. The app will tell you how many times you passed by a person in one day, as well as find someone who has similar interests and maybe even friends in common.

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