How To Do The Ditzy Ponytail


The ‘Ditzy Ponytail’ as seen on Khloe Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen is basically a messy ponytail but don’t they just rock it so well?

This week it seems to be everywhere so I decided to recreate it, all you need is a spare minute, a brush and some hairspray, although I recommend VO5 creation hairspray to give the bouncy wave volume you see here (this isn’t sponsored I just really love it!)

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  • Tracy K Nixon

    Love it – my hair is long like your so I will give it a go! I usually just pop it in a ponytail without the backbrushing and spray so it look less messy but I Iikr the messy look!

    • It’s so easy, but it’s a thing now apparently lol! It looks good when you wave the ends of your hair then do it too if you are not naturally wavy :)

  • Tracy K Nixon

    Messy bun next please!

    • Noted, their on the list, thanks for watching :) x

  • Tracy K Nixon

    Oh and how to curl using straighteners – I still cannot do it! Please just when you have time – love your tutorials as you make it look easy!