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Sisley Black Rose Collection

Sisley Black Rose Review - UK Beauty Blog The LDN Diaries

Whenever I go for a facial I always end up ticking every box on the form when asked what types of products I use and so it got me thinking how many people would do the same. Being a beauty blogger I get to try a lot of products and this has developed into me having quite an extensive skincare routine. I value my skincare and so when it comes to beauty I would happily splurge on skincare over a cosmetic. Luxury make-up is lovely and some of it is great, but I would much rather spend the money on a really good skincare product than say a mascara I’m going to be done using in three months. Everyone is of course different, but being in my 30’s it’s important for me and I want to invest in my face, I want to keep my youthful look and if skincare products can help maintain that then I’m all for it. Read More »

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