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Summer Holiday Beauty Checklist

Holiday Beauty Checklist

Are you off holiday this month? If so take a read through my beauty checklist, a few things I like to do to get ready for holiday.

Don’t Forget Your Feet

So 7-10 days before holiday (I am that organised) I like to make sure my feet are looking their best. We don’t always get full use of sandals here in the UK so I want my feet to be beach ready. A great idea is to use Starskin’s amazing exfoliating magic socks. You pop these exfoliating socks on for 60 minutes and they will remove calluses, reduce cracked heels and give you baby soft feet in 7-10 days. I definitely recommend doing this quite a bit before holiday if you have time as your feet will start to peel, so ideal to do it when you won’t always be in sandals. If you don’t quite fancy that then try the Starskin nourishing and cooling socks which will intensely nourish and soften your feet. These are done in 20 mins and you will have instantly soft feet. Read More »

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