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6 Beauty Tips & Tricks To Try Now

Smith & Cult Fall 2017

Before I started blogging, I probably couldn’t have even guessed how much I would have learnt about beauty along the way. Not only that but with beauty advice so readily available from beauty gurus across YouTube, I have definitely picked up my fair share of tips and tricks.

Therefore I thought I’d share a few tips I’ve learnt and regularly use, so that you can too.

1. How To Choose Your Correct Foundation Undertone

This is something I only learnt recently and it’s been an absolute game changer. There are so many foundations out there and they come in warm, neutral and cool, but how do you know which you are? Turn your wrist over and take a look at the vein colours. If your veins are more purple and blue and you also look better in silver jewellery rather than gold, then you are most likely to be cool undertones. A warm undertone you will find your wrists appear more yellow/gold or peachy and you suit gold jewellery over silver. And if like me your are more neutral your veins will be a mix of green, purple and blue and suit both gold and silver jewellery. It’s a great guide in helping start to choose your foundation colour, especially if buying online. Read More »

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