Emma Hardie Summer Essentials

Emma Hardie Hydrating Facial Mist Review

It’s not often I try a beauty product and straight away I am blown away by it, especially when it comes to skincare. You might recognise the name Emma Hardie from her famous cleansing balm and recently I have been trying out a few products from her range which are perfect for summer. I have really enjoyed using all three products and have been shocked at how instant the results have shown on my skin, especially from the Midas Touch Serum, so I thought it was time to share my secret with you. Read More »

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5 Things To Consider When Buying A New Sofa

Sofa Buying Guide - 5 things to consider when buying a new sofa - London Lifestyle Blog

Buying a sofa has become so much more than just walking into a shop, perching on the nearest one and testing it for its comfort factor. Comfort is a very high priority, but if you are serious about your interior there are many things to consider when it comes to buying a new sofa. Camerich are one of the best places to buy a new sofa, making it very easy to customise what you want. With that said here are five things to consider when purchasing your new sofa. Read More »

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A Day Trip To Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace - London Lifestyle Blog

Last weekend it was a beautiful summers day and Danny and I decided to make the most of it and go on a little adventure. Hampton Court Palace has always been on my list of must visit places and so that’s exactly where we headed.

Hampton Court Palace is by the River Thames and is a perfect place to visit on a warm summers day. Hampton Court Gardens surround the Palace and are a great place to have a picnic and enjoy the sunshine. In the gardens you will find the Hampton Court Maze, this is a giant garden maze that I thought would be easy to get out of it, I was completely wrong. You need a ticket to go in the maze, which you can either buy separately or your Palace ticket also includes this. Alongside the maze is the Magic Garden a giant fun garden space for children. There is also The Tiltyard which is a great cafe for sandwiches, cakes, hot food and drinks to enjoy. Read More »

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The Best Buys From the ASOS Summer Sale

Best Buys ASOS Summer Sale 2017

Did you panic look in your wardrobe this morning and wonder what you were going to wear? It’s extremely warm in London and the UK this week and if your wardrobe hasn’t quite left the sweater phase, I don’t blame you.

Luckily the ASOS sale started yesterday and here are my picks of the best summer buys, so why not pickup a bargain now! Read More »


10 Of The Best Places To Instagram In London

10 best places to Instagram London - London Lifestyle Blog The LDN Diaries

I was standing outside Peggy Porschen in Belgravia and I suddenly realised I was surrounded by the paparazzi. That was of course a paparazzi of Instagrammers. If you saw my Instagram story that day, you will have seen the chaos that surrounded the cake shop. Yep, that’s right they were all clambering over themselves to get the shot in front of the picture perfect pink walls and cupcakes. Now I am not mocking this in the slightest, I have been known to do whatever it takes to try to get that shot sometimes, but it got me thinking how Peggy Porschen has become such a desirable London location and of some of the other Instagram worthy places in London.

So whether you are visiting the City or you live here and looking for some inspiration, here are the hot spots across London that you need for your Instagram feed. Read More »

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ELP Barbershop

ELP Barbershop Review

Amwell Street is a street which is going through a real resurgence at the moment and half way up the hill you will find my new favourite barbers, ELP Barbershop. As you may have read from my other London barber reviews, finding the best barbers in London can be a difficult task, luckily in ELP I have found my go to barbershop in London.

Walking into ELP Barbershop you instantly feel comfortable and you are most likely to be greeted by owner Emma’s playful Staffordshire bull terrier puppy Vinnie, although he doesn’t look all that like a puppy anymore. The shop is contemporary, deliberately stripped back making you relaxed yet with an appreciation of the classic barbershop. They always serve great beverages whether it’s a free hot drink in the morning to a good cold beer in the afternoon and evenings. Read More »

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